HITOE® FOLD -Aria- クラウドファンディング の知らせ

HITOE® FOLD-Aria--Crowdfunding news

Thank you for the great response since the announcement, such as the monitor sales being sold out in an instant.HITOE® FOLD-Aria――However, we decided to carry out crowdfunding prior to the official sale on the official website.There are several reasons for implementing crowdfunding.・ Coro ...

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「HITOE 短財布 2」予約販売(クラウドファンディング )開始-SYRINX

TSUTSUMU Card Case -Aria- Crowdfunding started

New TSUTSUMU, the world's smallest class The origin of SYRINX's leather items, "TSUTSUMU Card Case," has won seven world design awards.The masterpiece has become even more beautiful and sophisticated, making it the smallest in the world (*).It weighs only about 7g. (* Vertical and horizontal size, as a leather business card holder, 17 ....

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01 SYRINX is born

It all starts with the architect Satoh Hirotaka creating a speaker for the space he designed.

Speakers characterized by a soft leather body have a reputation for their clear sound.SYRINX Was born.

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02 From audio to leather items

In search of "soft and heavy leather" for good sound quality, I came across Vacetta leather, which is rare in Italy.
The leather is beautifully colored and glossy due to aging, but when you make a speaker, a large amount of scraps are generated.
"I want to use up my life carefully"
With that in mind, the development of leather items that utilize offcuts began.

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03 Sustainable

Did you know that leather is an eco-friendly and sustainable material?
SYRINX uses carefully selected materials that are environmentally friendly, including the manufacturing process.
In addition, the speaker “LOG” is challenging sustainable initiatives, such as adopting Ezo deer leather, which is becoming more vulnerable to animal damage.

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04 D2C

"D2C (Direct to Consumer)ToDesigner to ConsumerWith the idea of ​​the designer, we crowd-funding the ideals of the world and deliver them directly to customers.
Thanks to everyone's warm support and opinions, we will develop exciting edgy products.

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