Origin of SYRINX

"Light body and mind"

SYRINX was born
to make every day lighter.
The feelings are sharpened
by "logical thinking" and "unique thinking",
and sublimated into new functional beauty
through the delicate craftsmanship.


6冠達成「IDA Design Awards」を受賞

6冠達成「IDA Design Awards」を受賞

美しさと薄さを追求した財布「Hitoe® Fold Aria」が、「IDA Design Awards 2021」のファッション部門でBronzeを受賞しました。 https://www.idesignawards.com/winners-old/zoom.php?eid=9-34741-21...

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Hitoe® Fold Lessのクラウドファンディング

Hitoe® Fold Lessのクラウドファンディング

カードに引っ掛ける留め具のアイデアを思いつきHitoe® Foldが誕生したのが、2019年の秋。それから一年後、皆様からのご意見を元に札押さえを追加し、型崩れ防止対策し、クオリティも大きく引き上げたHitoe® Fold Ariaを発表。そしてさらに一年後の2021年。カードレス時代を先取...

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BRAND STORY - Before Birth





The secret of ".audio"

SYRINX begins when architect Hironao Sato created a speaker for the space he designed.

The speaker, which features a soft and heavy leather body, is popular for its clear and floating sound. In response to that, we obtained a patent and " SYRINX " was born as an audio brand.

This is why the SYRINX domain is ".audio".


And to leather items

Looking for leather that is good for sound, Vacetta leather is a beautiful leather with a wonderfully aging color and luster. However, when making a speaker, a large amount of scrap is generated.
"I want to use up my life carefully"
With that in mind, the development of leather items using offcuts began. Since then, Vacetta leather has become the representative leather of SYRINX products.
At the end of the year, the iconic business card holder " TSUTSUMU® " was born as SYRINX's first leather item.


Birth of HITOE®

After the launch of TSUTSUMU®, we will announce a series of products such as iPhone cases, pen cases, and document cases that are simple and highly portable, with the theme of " lightening the body and mind ."
Then, I realized that there was a demand for a wallet that I could carry around easily, so I started developing a wallet.

In this way, the wallet " HITOE® L-zip " specializing in thinness is born.

The product development method is also unique.
With the meaning of "Designer to Consumer" in D2C, we will directly ask the world about the ideals of designers by crowdfunding. As a result, we will evolve highly acclaimed ideas while reflecting the voices of users.


Numerous awards and records

This year was a leap forward for SYRINX. The speakers and leather items announced so far
"IF Design Award"
"A'Design Award"
We have won many famous design awards in Japan and overseas.
Even in crowdfunding, HITOE ® L-zip frequently breaks domestic records.

It has been a year in which I was convinced that many people would sympathize with SYRINX's "light body and mind" .


Birth of HITOE® FOLD

After the success of the HITOE® L-zip series, SYRINX's masterpiece " HITOE® FOLD " will be born.

HITOE® FOLD -Liscio- was flooded with reservation applications, reaching a maximum of one and a half years waiting for reservations.

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand and accelerate the delivery date, we have cultivated a new affiliated workshop and greatly expanded our production capacity.


New release of ARIA series

We announced the "ARIA" series, which uses "solid paste", which is a combination of thinly strained leather instead of the conventional Vacetta leather.

ARIA's first product is the origin of SYRINX, " TSUTSUMU CARD CASE ARIA ". This is followed by " HITOE® FOLD ARIA ". HITOE® FOLD ARIA crowdfunding has received the largest application ever, and ARIA will be established as the top model of SYRINX.

We plan to announce more new products this year.
SYRINX's commitment is supported by your support and understanding.
Thank you for your continued support.