Leather brand for Minimalist

"Light in body and spirit."

These thoughts are
sharpened with "logical thinking" and "unique ideas" and

sublimated into new functional beauty

through the exquisite skills of our craftsmen.






Secrets of ".audio

SYRINX began when architect Hironao Sato created speakers for a space he had designed.

The speakers, with their soft, heavy leather body, were well received for their clear, drifting sound. In response, a patent was obtained and the SYRINX audio brand was born.

This is why the domain of SYRINX is ".audio".


And to leather items

We searched for a leather that is good for sound and came across vacchetta leather, which has a beautiful color and gloss due to aging. However, a large amount of scrap wood is generated when manufacturing speakers.
"We want to use up the life we have received with care."
With this in mind, we began to develop leather items using the scraps. Since then, vacchetta leather has become a representative leather of SYRINX products.
And at the end of the year, the iconic business card case " Tsutsumu® " was born as SYRINX's first leather item.


Hitoe® is born.

After the launch of Tsutsumu®, under the theme of " light in body and mind," the company introduced a series of simple and portable iPhone cases, pen cases, document cases, and other products.
Then, realizing that the world needed a wallet that could be carried lightly, we began to develop a wallet.

This is how the wallet " Designer to Consumer", which specializes in thinness, was born. Hitoe® L-zipis born.

The product development approach is also unique.
D2C stands for "Designer to Consumer," and the designer's ideals are directly brought to the world through crowdfunding. As a result, ideas that receive high acclaim are evolved while reflecting the opinions of users.


Numerous awards and records

This was a year of breakthroughs for SYRINX. Speakers and leather items released so far have won
"IF Design Award"
"A' Design Award"
and other prominent national and international design awards.
Hitoe ® L-zip will also frequently break domestic records in crowdfunding.

It has been a year in which we have been convinced that many people can relate to the "lightness of body and mind" that SYRINX stands for.


Hitoe® Fold is born

After the success of the HITOE® L-zip series, SYRINX launched its flagship product , theHitoe® Foldis born.

Hitoe® Fold -Liscio- has been inundated with pre-orders, reaching up to a year and a half waiting list.

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand and to speed up delivery, new partner workshops were opened and production capacity was greatly expanded.


New Aria Series Released

The "Aria" series is now available in " solid " leather, which is made by pasting thinly strained leather together instead of the conventional vachetta leather.

The first ARIA product was the Tsutsumu Card Case Aria, the origin of SYRINX. The crowdfunding campaign for the Hitoe® Fold Aria received the largest number of applications to date, and the Aria is now firmly established as the top-of-the-line model of SYRINX.

More new product launches are planned for this year.
Your support and understanding are the key to SYRINX's commitment.
We appreciate your continued support.

BRAND STORY - Side Story

Its name to the oldest instrument, its appearance to the sanctuary of leather.

SYRINX began as a leather speaker.
SYRINX is another name for the reed flute (panflute) held by Pan, the Greek god of sheep farming, and is said to be one of the oldest musical instruments in the world....

Secrets of the brand name and logo