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To the thinness that has never been experienced
Hitoe® Fold Less - Etretat -

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Collection Introduction

The coast of Etretat enveloped in light

The coast of Etretat, in the Normandy region of France, is lined with cliffs of white limestone. The coast, bathed in gentle light and with a serene, poetic landscape, has fascinated artists such as Monet.
This original calf leather is inspired by the symphony played by nature.

The greatest feature of this product is the coloring with various shades, which was created over a period of one and a half years through repeated adjustments and prototyping. Even the nearly monochromatic colors such as "Limestone" and "Midnight" have subtle nuances in their shades, based on the motif of Etretat's deep colors.

(Click on the " About Etretat Leather " tab for more information)

Landscape of Etretat
Coast of Normandy, France

Heading to France in search of the best original leather

Tannerie Degermann, from whom we custom-ordered our original leather, is located in BARR, a town surrounded by vineyards, 35 km south of Strasbourg in the Alsace region of France.

The reason we asked Degyaman to produce our original leather is because they are the oldest and best tanner in France and have a deep knowledge of tradition and quality.

After many exchanges of ideas with the French company Degjaman, Etretat was finally completed.

The exterior of Degyaman Co., Ltd.
Degyaman's historic building

This marks the end of Degyaman's history.

Due to changing times, Degyaman has decided to merge with the nearby Haas company (also founded in the 19th century). After our leather production, the historic Degyaman factory will close and be renovated into a museum.

The last of the Degjamans' history, Etretat, is the culmination of tradition, passion, and technology. Their craftsmanship and Etretat production will be inherited by Haas and will aim for even greater heights.

Leather inspired by Etretat
Etretat leather

"Description of item"

"Less is More"

" Less is More " is a phrase left behind by 20th century architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, meaning " less is more ."

Hitoe® Fold Less is the ideal slim wallet that can hold three cards for the new normal of the cashless and cardless era.

Palm-sized - HITOE FOLD LESS
Small, thin and refined design

The Hitoe® structure (registered design) prevents items from being stacked, the metal fitting-free minimalist design and inner hook (patented) allow for smooth operation, and the slip-less design prevents cards from falling out (patent pending) .

Once you try this wallet, you will surely realize that "Less is More."

Open state - HITOE FOLD LESS
A completely streamlined layout

Thickness: Less

Thin wallet - HITOE FOLD LESS
Incredibly thin, like never before

Unprecedented thinness

The thinness is achieved through the Hitoe® structure (registered design), which does not stack cards and coins.

- Maximum 5 overlapping pieces of leather & no metal parts
・The thickest part when stored is in the 9mm range
(When storing 3 cards, 10 bills, and 6 100 yen coins)
Palm-sized 89mm x 89mm
・Light enough that you'll forget it's there - about 29g
It can hold up to 15 bills, 15 coins, and 3 cards .
It remains thin even when packed full .

Actual measurements - HITOE FOLD LESS
When storing 3 cards (individual differences may occur)

The finest unrivaled tailoring

All parts are made from two thin pieces of leather glued together to form one piece. Musou tailoring . This technique is said to be the ultimate luxury in leather products , and it achieves both strength and thinness . It requires a wealth of experience and skilled techniques to create a finish that does not float or sag even when bent, and looks like a single piece of leather.

In pursuit of simplicity, the engraving is hidden underneath the card

Thin details

The edges are made by overlapping the leather and sewing it on the outside. This is to keep it thin. If you fold the leather inside, you can make it smaller, but the leather will overlap and become thicker.
These details are faithful to the ideal of a thin wallet.

Edge comparison - HITOE FOLD LESS
Comparison of thickness depending on edge processing method

When storing three cards, the thickness is only 7mm , which is as thin as an iPhone.
While pursuing thinness, we ensure that the leather is thick enough to retain the natural leather texture , such as firmness and elasticity.

Comparison with iPhone - HITOE FOLD LESS
Same thinness as an iPhone

Metal fitting-less inner hook

A new idea to use the stored cards as fasteners

We came up with an inner hook (patented) that allows cards to hang on the wallet, rather than on the outside.
The smart leather hook is invisible from the outside , keeping the wallet slim.
This idea made it possible to create the Hitoe® Fold Aria, a small, thin wallet with a minimalist design without any metal fittings .

Card holder - HITOE FOLD LESS
Inner hook for hanging cards integrated with bill holder

Not only does it act as a fastener, but it also prevents cards from falling out when you carry it around.

Prevent cards from falling out - HITOE FOLD LESS
Fits inside to prevent cards from accidentally falling out

It's just sandwiched between leather.

It has a flat appearance, simply sandwiched between leather. There are no unnecessary protruding parts such as metal fittings or flaps, so it remains slim and doesn't get caught in your pocket.
The inner hook is designed not to come off when the wallet is turned upside down , so there is no need to worry about dropping coins when opening the wallet upside down.

Small wallet - HITOE FOLD LESS
Made entirely of leather, without any metal parts

Minimalistic and smooth operation

Quick checkout with minimal movement

The wallet can be opened and closed easily by bending it into an L-shape , which is where the name "Fold" comes from. With this single action, you can smoothly insert and remove all of your coins and cards while keeping the wallet in portrait orientation.

(For right-handed people) The trick is to bend the bottom of the wallet into an L-shape with your left hand, without touching the inner hook.

Leave the bills as is without folding them.

Simply insert bills without folding them . They are highly visible and easy to take out. They do not get creases or bends when folded in thirds , so they can be easily inserted into vending machines and self-checkouts.
The bill holder is designed to be continuous with the inner hook. The curve acts as a guide, allowing you to insert and remove bills smoothly without getting caught .

You can smoothly insert and remove the bills without touching the bill holder.

Prevents cards from falling out

When the wallet is closed, the inner hooks catch the cards so they won't fall out . Even when the wallet is open , the slip-less design (patent pending) makes it difficult for cards to fall out .
The feel of sliding cards in and out is high quality and comfortable.

Effect of slip-less specification (patent pending)

The extra card can be used to hold bills . It won't interfere with opening and closing your wallet.

Temporary cards are used to hold bills

Smooth, non-overflowing coin pocket

The coin pocket is shallow and has no fasteners such as zippers or hooks, so you can quickly take out the coins you need.
When storing, The coin pocket lid acts as a guide for smooth opening.
Also, when the wallet is closed, the coins won't spill out. The lid on the coin pocket prevents it from overflowing.
There is still plenty of room even if you put in 999 yen worth (15 sheets).

Coins - HITOE FOLD less
Overflow-resistant coin pocket

"God is in the details"

" God is in the details " is another saying left behind by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
The refined sense of tension and dignified appearance are found in the details. Utilizing Japan's finest technology, we paid attention to even the smallest details.

Precise and delicate stitching , polished edges that show the overlapping of the leather, and thin lines made into the edges with a hot iron.
The Hitoe® Fold Less is a small, slim wallet that pursues beauty down to the smallest detail .

Edge treatment - HITOE FOLD LESS
Beautiful edge finish

Six prestigious international design awards

Hitoe® Fold Less has been highly praised for its functional and minimalist design, and has received six prestigious international design awards, including the iF Design Award , Good Design Award , IDEA , German Design Award , and Asian Design Award ( a total of 19 awards for the entire Hitoe® Fold series ).

(Click on the "About Product" tab for detailed awards)

Hitoe Fold, a small, thin wallet, won a world design award
Hitoe® Fold series has won a total of 19 awards

Design based on the laws of nature

"Why is the golden ratio beautiful?"
The golden ratio of 1:1.62 is the aspect ratio of a rectangle that is made by repeating a spiral of squares whose sides are the Fibonacci sequence . (See the figure below.)
In fact, the Fibonacci sequence is hidden everywhere in nature: in tree branches, the number of petals on a flower, sunflower seeds, seashells, typhoons, and spiral galaxies. It can also be found in the most beautiful works of art, such as the pyramids, the Parthenon, and Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji.
The important thing is not to achieve the golden ratio. The proportions from the details to the whole must follow the Fibonacci sequence , which is deeply connected to the laws of nature and life, to create a well-balanced design that resonates with the heart .

Fibonacci Sequence - HITOE FOLD ARIA
Fibonacci sequence design

Long-lasting and beautiful

Generally, most problems with wallets are caused by metal parts or stitching. However, the small, thin Hitoe® Fold wallet does not use any metal parts and has only four stitches .
In addition, the corners, which are prone to damage, are made more durable by layering the outer and inner leather . The seams are extremely small, and the design is such that the bag will not lose its shape even when placed in a trouser pocket .

Corner reinforcement - HITOE FOLD LESS
The corners are made strong by layering leather

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