Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will the ordered items arrive?
A. It will be shipped the next day, but orders placed by 12:30 on business days may be shipped on the same day.
If there is an error in the automatic processing such as an incorrect address (missing county name, incorrect zip code), English entry of domestic address, incorrect phone number, etc., shipping may be delayed by several days.
For orders that include pre-order items, please see "About Pre-orders" .

Q. I haven't received the order confirmation email
A. There is a problem with the reception settings, such as the email being blocked or being classified as junk email . Be sure to refer to "Notes on registering your e-mail address" and make sure to set the reception. If you contact us after setting, we will resend your order confirmation email.
Especially for ezweb, the above settings are required. Not limited to this site, carrier emails such as ezweb have many troubles, so we recommend using gmail.
If you want to change to another address, please contact us with the e-mail address before and after the change from the form below.

Q. I want to change my address
A. After receiving an order, shipping preparations will proceed automatically, so you cannot change it. After shipping, you will receive the slip number by e-mail, so please contact the shipping company yourself.
However, it can be changed for reserved products. Please use the form below to enter your order number and contact us with your old and new shipping addresses . After changing the information, we will resend the order confirmation email.
Please note that the billing address is only used to check for fraudulent orders and cannot be changed after the order is confirmed.

Q. I want to change / cancel / return the color
A. You cannot change the order details, so you will need to reorder after returning the product. In addition, we cannot accept cancellations as shipping preparations will proceed automatically. Please check "Warranty / Return / Repair / Precautions" .
However, reserved items can be canceled until they arrive. Please check "About pre-orders" .

Q. I can't select colors well
A. You may experience this symptom when browsing with Internet Explorer. This website does not support Internet Explorer, so please use another browser.

Q. Is there any other payment method?
A. We are very sorry, but we do not support other payment methods such as cash on delivery and convenience store payment. Bank transfer may be used indirectly with Paypal. (Please contact Paypal for details)

Inquiry form

If you do not see the "Frequently Asked Questions" above, please contact us here. It may take some time depending on the content.
For inquiries regarding applications on other sites such as crowdfunding, please contact us from the application site as the contact point is different.