Frequently asked questions

Q. "When will I receive the ordered product?"
A. There are many cases where the arrival time is misunderstood for one year. Especially for HITOE FOLD, all orders will arrive in 1 next year.
As for the arrival schedule, (Ordering) is stated in the "Order summary" of the email sent with the subject "Order confirmation: Order number: # ----" at the time of ordering. If you have registered an account,My accountThe item “(In Stock)” is listed in the product name column of the relevant order details.

Q. "I did not receive the order confirmation email."
A. Email is blocked,Such as being classified as junk mailThere may be a problem with the email reception settings.
Most of these inquiries are ezweb.shopPlease refer to for the reception settings. If you contact us after setting, we will resend the order confirmation email.
You can change to another address. Please contact us using the form below. Carrier mail has a lot of troubles, so we recommend using gmail.

Q. "I want to change my address"
A. Stock items cannot be changed as they will be automatically prepared for shipment after receiving an order. After shipping, the slip number will be sent by e-mail, so please do it yourself. For reserved products, please fill in the order number from the form below and inform us of the correction details, and the information will be corrected here.
Incidentally,The billing address is only used for checking illegal orders and does not need to be changed after the order is confirmed.

Q. "I want to change the color"
"I want to change the product"
"want to cancel"
A. You cannot change your order, so you will need to re-order after canceling or returning.
In-stock items cannot be canceled because they are automatically prepared for shipment after receiving an order. Returns are possible. For more informationshopPlease confirm.
Reserved items can be canceled until they arrive. For more informationshopPlease confirm.

Q. "Does leather goods cause skin irritation?"
A. Leather tanned with a metal called chrome tanning (chrome) causes metal allergies, but tanning materials used in SYRINX leather products are limited to naturally derived plant tannins, so people with metal allergies But you can use it with confidence.

Q. "I can't select colors well"
A. This kind of symptom may occur when browsing with Internet Explorer. This website does not support Internet Explorer, so please use another browser.

Inquiry form

If you have any questions that are not listed in "Frequently Asked Questions", please contact us from here. It may take some time depending on the content.
For inquiries about applications on other sites such as crowdfunding, the contact point will be different, so please inquire from each site.