About repair, warranty, returned goods, notes

Repair and warranty

The following repairs and guarantees are supported for safe use. In each case, first,CONTACTPlease contact us.

About repair

All SYRINX products can be repaired for long-lasting use.

  • If a problem occurs in the product, we will check the condition of the problem at our shop, and if repair is possible, we will inform you free of charge or charge.
  • If repairs are not possible, a new price may be offered at a special price.
  • In the unlikely event of a problem during repair, we may send a new product instead of a repaired product.
  • When sending the repaired product to our company, please pay by payment.

30 days warranty

All SYRINX products are warranted for 30 days after the product is shipped, "natural failure" (all or part of the functions can not be used due to malfunction).

  • YKK's excel fasteners are initially hardened due to extremely high dimensional accuracy and small gaps. It becomes smoother gradually.
  • If repair is not possible, a new product may be replaced.
  • In the unlikely event of a problem during repair, we may send a new product instead of a repaired product.
  • When sending the repaired product to our company, please pay by payment.

Initial failure guarantee

All SYRINX products are guaranteed for 7 days after shipment, as described below.

  • Difference from order contents (difference in product). However this is limited to unused items.
  • Functional malfunctions when not in use (leather condition not included)
  • We will bear the shipping fee. Please send it by cash on delivery.

About returns for customer convenience

SYRINX products purchased on the official website will be returned for your satisfaction.
(* Crowdfunding and returns of products purchased at other malls are subject to the rules set forth on each site.)

  • Within 7 days after the product arrivesCONTACTPlease contact us.
  • The restocking fee is 800 yen per item.
  • In the case of returned goods shipping, please give me payment.

We do not accept returns if the following applies:

  • Products used by customers
  • Products damaged, stained or processed by the customer
  • Order products such as build-to-order and repair / customization
  • Outlet products
  • When accessories such as product boxes, tags, manuals, etc. are soiled, damaged or lost

Tips and notes

Regarding the use of IE (Internet Explorer)

  • This site does not support IE (Internet Explorer).
  • IE has security risks and does not support new web standards. Microsoft has stopped developing IE, so use another browser such as Edge, Chrome, or Safari.
    "The rich content of today's world is already being realized using the latest technology that Internet Explorer does not support, and that trend is likely to accelerate further in the future." (Microsoft announced "Internet Explorer Excerpts from the future)

About leather

  • Due to the dye finish that makes use of the texture of the hide, there may be scratches, uneven color, spots, and wrinkles on the surface.
  • Due to the delicate surface, slight scratches and impressions may be seen during the manufacturing process.
  • The surface is soft and fragile, but some wounds heal naturally by rubbing with your finger. Deep wounds become familiar with aging and change into leather texture.
  • Do not use oils, water repellents, or cleaners as they may damage the leather.
  • If you leave it wet, it will stain. Press lightly with a dry soft cloth to remove moisture.
  • The size changes slightly with use.
  • Discoloration may occur. Please note the combination with light-colored clothing.
  • The color and texture vary depending on the lot.
  • Oils and fats may appear white on the surface due to changes in temperature. You can take it by rubbing the surface.
  • Depending on the monitor environment, the color of the actual product may look slightly different.

Other considerations

  • Damage to the cone of the speaker unit is not covered by warranty or returned goods. Pay attention to damage when opening and handle it with care.
  • If the original material cannot be used, the material, parts and specifications may be changed.
  • Failure or damage caused by negligence in use or repair or modification may not be repaired.
  • Failures and damages caused by external factors such as fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, natural disasters, pollution, salt damage, and abnormal voltage will be charged.