Thank you for using SYRINX.
For the following requests, please write the e-mail address and order number at the time of ordering and "Contact UsPlease contact us.
Only products purchased directly from the official website are supported.
Crowdfunding terms and conditions take precedence over the products you are looking for in crowdfunding.

In addition, we make effective use of the leather we receive from our precious lives as much as possible.
However, if the returned product has usage marks, it cannot be resold even if it is repaired, so there is no choice but to discard it.Therefore, exchanges and returns are limited to unused items.When the product arrives, please be sure to check for any defects before using it.


1 annual warranty

SYRINX products come with a "Spontaneous Failure Warranty (all or part of the functions cannot be used due to a defect)" for one year after the product arrives.It is applied when it is damaged even though it has been used normally.This warranty covers defects caused by inadequate materials and manufacturing methods.The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or neglect of necessary maintenance, or damage or wear caused by normal use.In addition, regarding replacement due to initial failure, we will rely on the "Initial Defect Guarantee" described later.

  • YKK's EXCERA fasteners have high dimensional accuracy and few gaps, so they are solid at the beginning. Gradually smooth.
  • Do not insert sharp objects.
  • If you store it too much, the leather may stretch and become deformed, or excessive stress may be applied to the stitches and damage.
  • Debonding is considered to be wear due to normal use.
  • We may replace the product with a new one or issue a gift voucher equivalent to the purchase price due to repairs or problems during repair.
  • Please bear the shipping fee to us.
Initial failure guarantee

All SYRINX products will be exchanged or refunded in full for 7 days after the product arrives if there is a mistake or initial defect.However, if any of the following items apply, we will repair or refund the product price for functional defects, and we will return the product as it is for scratches and aesthetics by cash on delivery.

  • Products used by customers
  • Products damaged, stained or processed by the customer
  • When accessories such as product boxes, tags, manuals, etc. are soiled, damaged or lost

* Please send it to us by cash on delivery (please pay from outside Japan).


All SYRINX products are repaired so that you can use them for a long time with peace of mind.

  • We will check the state of the defect at our shop, and if repair is possible, we will inform you for a fee.
  • In the unlikely event of a problem during repair, we may send a new product instead of a repaired product.


In-stock items are processed automatically, so we cannot accept cancellations or changes after your order has been placed.However, you can cancel your reservation order on the official website until it arrives at the delivery warehouse.Detailed conditions"About pre-orders"Please see.


We accept returns of unused items for any reason.Please contact us within 7 days after the item arrives.Please bear the shipping fee to us.
After confirming that the returned product is unused, we will refund the product price (shipping fee is not applicable) to the settlement account.

If the package you sent cannot be delivered due to an incorrect delivery address or storage expiration date, it will be treated as a return.We will deduct the round-trip shipping fee and refund it to the settlement account.

We cannot accept returns if any of the following items apply.Please note that the product will be resent by cash on delivery.

  • Products used by customers
  • Products damaged, stained or processed by the customer
  • Order products such as build-to-order and repair / customization
  • Products purchased by crowdfunding
  • Outlet products / sale products
  • When accessories such as product boxes, tags, manuals, etc. are soiled, damaged or lost

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(* We do not support telephone calls, so please contact us for inquiries.Inquiry page formPlease