HITOE FOLD -Liscio-の販売状況に関して

HITOE FOLD -Liscio-About the sales situation

Started selling in 2020HITOE FOLD -Liscio-However, we would like to inform you that the annual shipment in 2020 has exceeded 10,000 units.This product is not for everyone, but we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the people who supported the production with the Corona virus, as well as the sympathy of many people. http ...

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Winner of CAMPFIRE Crowdfunding Award 2020

HITOE FOLD -Liscio-However, at the CAMPFIRE Crowdfunding Award 2020, we were selected as a "Product Award" from approximately 13,200 projects. https://award.camp-fire.jp/2020/ Again, please support and support this project ...

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HITOE® FOLD ARIA クラウドファンディング開始

HITOE® FOLD ARIA Start crowdfunding

Since the announcement, "HITOE® fold ARIACrowdfunding started today at Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc., Future Shopping. https://shopping.nikkei.co.jp/projects/hitoe-fold-aria Start date and time: December 2020 ...

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HITOE® FOLD ARIA クラウドファンディング の知らせ

HITOE® FOLD ARIA Crowdfunding news

Thank you for the great response since the announcement, such as the monitor sales being sold out in an instant.HITOE® FOLD ARIA However, prior to the official sale on the official website, we decided to carry out crowdfunding.There are several reasons for implementing crowdfunding.・ Corona ...

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「HITOE 短財布 2」予約販売(クラウドファンディング )開始-SYRINX

TSUTSUMU CARD CASE ARIA Start crowdfunding

新 し いTSUTSUMU, The origin of SYRINX's leather items, which has won seven world design awards to the world's smallest classTSUTSUMU CARD CASE ".The masterpiece has become even more beautiful and sophisticated, making it the smallest in the world (*).It weighs only about 17g. (* Vertical and horizontal size, as a leather business card holder, 2020 ....

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Ariaシリーズ開発について 1

AriaAbout series development XNUMX

The new series announced the other day "Aria』.Thank you very much for your prompt response.This time, I would like to tell you one of the "SYRINX commitments".The beautiful tooth pattern in the photo is "HITOE FOLD - Aria -”Is created for mass production.5 types in total.Our tooth pattern is very good in Taito Ward ...

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新しい革  Lo Stivale

New leather Lo Stivale

I announced the other dayLiscioThe leather specifications of the series have changed, but the first is Lo Stivale.HITOE FOLDBordeaux color is the first to arrive. https://syrinx.audio/products/hitoe_fold Tanner Lo Sti, which produces only Vacetta leather ...

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To the completed functional beauty "The highest amount of crowdfunding (*) in Japan for walletsHITOE® Fold-Liscio-". (* As of October 2020.10.12, XNUMX) The topical work has become even easier to use, thinner, smaller, lighter, stronger, and more beautiful.ARIA(Aria) ”series is now available.Sophisticated design and spirit ...

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LiscioSeries leather changes

So farLiscioThe series used only ELBAMATT from Tempesti, Italy, but we would like to inform you that we will change the leather supply system.The raw leather used for leather is a by-product of the meat processing process.However, in recent years, due to the shortening of the breeding period, the feed has tended to be higher in calories, and the quality of the raw leather is inferior ...

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TSUTSUMU Card Case- Aria --https://syrinx.audio/products/tsutsumu-aria 新 し いTSUTSUMU Achieved seven domestic and international design awards, which can be said to be the origin of SYRINX leather items.TSUTSUMU Card Case ".Its name ...

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