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Article: [New Product] Hitoe® Fold Less - Etretat -


[New Product] Hitoe® Fold Less - Etretat -

"Etretat" appears in the thinnest "Less" series

Hitoe® Fold Less, the ideal slim wallet for the cardless era, will be adding a leather collection inspired by the coast of Etretat, France.

This is original calf leather custom-made from France's oldest tannery.

Landscape of Etretat
Hitoe® Fold Less - Etretat -

Product Details

Unprecedented thinness

The thinness is achieved through the Hitoe® structure (registered design), which does not stack cards and coins.

- Maximum of 5 overlapping leather sheets & no metal parts - Maximum thickness when stored is 9mm
(When storing 3 cards, 10 bills, and 6 100 yen coins)
Palm-sized 89mm x 89mm
・Light enough that you'll forget it's there - about 29g
It can hold up to 15 bills, 15 coins, and 3 cards .
It remains thin even when packed full .

Actual measurements - HITOE FOLD LESS
When storing 3 cards (individual differences may occur)

The coast of Etretat enveloped in light

The coast of Etretat, in the Normandy region of France, is lined with limestone cliffs. The coast, bathed in gentle light and with a serene, poetic landscape , has fascinated artists such as Monet.
This is SYRINX's original calf leather, inspired by the symphony played by nature.

Its greatest feature is the varied shades of coloring, which were the result of repeated adjustments and prototyping over a period of a year and a half.
Even the nearly solid colors such as "Limestone" and "Midnight" have subtle nuances in their shades, based on the deep colors of Etretat.

Landscape of Etretat

Heading to France in search of the best original leather

Tannerie Degermann, from whom we custom-ordered our original leather, is located in BARR, a town surrounded by vineyards, 35 km south of Strasbourg in the Alsace region of France.

The reason we asked Degyaman to produce our original leather is because they are the oldest and best tanner in France and have a deep knowledge of tradition and quality.

After many exchanges of ideas with the French company Degjaman, Etretat was finally completed.

The exterior of Degyaman Co., Ltd.
Degyaman's historic building

This marks the end of Degyaman's history.

Due to changing times, Degyaman has decided to merge with the nearby Haas company (also founded in the 19th century). After our leather production, the historic Degyaman factory will close and be renovated into a museum.

The last of the Degjamans' history, Etretat, is the culmination of tradition, passion and technology. Their craftsmanship and Etretat production will be inherited by Haas and will aim for even greater heights.

Leather inspired by Etretat
Etretat leather

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