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新 し いTSUTSUMU・ To the smallest in the world

Palm size

Achieved seven world design awards and can be said to be the origin of SYRINX leather items.TSUTSUMU CARD CASE ".
The masterpiece is even more beautiful and sophisticated, the smallest in the world(*)became.It weighs only about 17g.(* Vertical and horizontal size, as a leather business card holder, 2020.10.27 according to our research)

You can choose between right-handed and left-handed.

Lightness like air "ARIA(Aria) "


"ARIA"(Aria)" means "Air" in Italian.It also means lyrical dokushouka in opera and religious music.
It's thin, light, and doesn't feel like air.Still, it is beautiful and full of originality.ARIAIt is a series.

"ARIAFor "", use thin leather "solid paste (entire surface glue)".
With the technique that is said to be the best luxury of leather products, two thinly strained leathers are stuck together to make it stronger, lighter and thinner.

The outer leather is white waxed, and the white powder is a wax called bloom.The more you use it, the more the wax on the surface rubs and penetrates, giving a transparent look.
The interior leather is the same color leather that has not been waxed.When opened, it has a beautiful gradation with the exterior.

agingMisty Iris aging example

Masterpiece of 7 world design awards

"TSUTSUMU Card CaseThe series is highly regarded for its minimalist appearance and concept, and has won seven crowns in world-famous design awards.

iF Design Award 2019(Germany, the world's three major design awards)
IDEA2018(America, the world's three major design awards)
A 'Design Award & Competition 2019(Italy)
DFA Design for Asia Awards 2019(Hong Kong)
Asia Design Award 2018(Korea)
The 3rd European Product Design Award(Hungary)
Hospitality Selection 2017(Japan)


Japanese beauty that "wraps" your heart

Hospitality that wraps an important business card with one piece of leather

In Japan, there is a culture that carefully wraps important things such as furoshiki, gossabu, and gift bags used for gifts.
We designed the business card holder from this traditional Japanese aesthetic of "wrapping".
No fasteners such as threads, metal fittings or belts are used.High-quality leather is folded beautifully like origami to wrap important business cards.

In Japan, we treat your business cards with great care.
"Wrap your important business cards carefully"TSUTSUMU"With your own dignity and sensibilityIt is a business item that conveys the culture of Japanese hospitality to the other party.

tsutsumuSolveAll solved

Solving work that cares about the other party

Carefully wrapped things can be thoughtful and considerate in the way they are solved.In the business scene, it is important not to keep the other party waiting.
"TSUTSUMU"" Has no fasteners, so you can open it quickly and take out business cards smoothly.
The inside is also smooth leather, the business card slides well, and there is no stress.
At first, it is difficult to distinguish the top and bottom, but on the lid side, which you often touch, the wax can be removed quickly, and the more you use it, the easier it will be to understand.

tsutsumuuseDespite its small size, it can store 25 regular business cards

Neat beauty

Logo-free appearance, fine details, sharp and symmetric design.
Humble and neat beauty expresses your elegance.

tsutsumuHeart ofSimple design

Commitment to Made in TOKYO

High precision is required for the minimal design of SYRINX.For this reason, SYRINX's commitment is carefully realized at domestic workshops with high technical capabilities related to solid pasting, rather than mass production at factories.
In addition, the edge (cross section of leather) is polished, and the edges are finely lined with a heated iron, and attention is paid to every detail without compromise.
From design to manufacturing, we do everything in Tokyo and deliver world-class Made in TOKYO quality.

HITOE FoldStamp ofPolite edge finish

Product Specifications

External dimensions: Approx. W.94 x H.58 x D.12 (25 business cards can be stored)
Product weight: Approximately 17 g
Storage capacity: 25 sheets (91 x 55 mm size) 220kg matte coated paper
Leather: Cowhide (made in Italy)
Production: Japan
Intellectual Property: Design Registration No. 1595193

* For product warranty and handling precautionshereto see the available categories of products and services.


"AriaFor "", use thin leather "solid paste (entire surface glue)".
With the technique that is said to be the best luxury of leather products, two thinly strained leathers are stuck together to make it stronger, lighter and thinner.
Two thin leather pieces do not float or bend when bent, It takes a lot of experience and skill to make it look like it is just one. 
Since no core material is used, the characteristics of the leather change significantly in units of 0.1 mm.In addition, depending on the combination of leather to be pasted together, the feeling of tension will differ from soft texture to strong elasticity.

Specifications are determined by repeating trial and error with various materials and thicknesses.

About aging

The leather used for the outer leather is tannin tanned double shoulder leather with white wax processing, and the white powder is wax called bloom.The more you use it, the more the wax on the surface rubs and penetrates, giving a transparent look.
The interior leather is the same color leather that has not been waxed.With a fine grained surface, it creates a beautiful gradation with the exterior when opened.

The shoulder is also a part that contains lots of rose scratches, uneven color, blood streaks and tigers (wrinkles), and you can enjoy the expression unique to natural leather.
No oil or wax is required, so no maintenance is required.
The surface is delicate and vulnerable, but you don't have to be overly nervous.By picking it up and using it regularly, you will be able to deepen the color and the stains and stains.

Sybilla Greige Misty Greige
Sybilla Ash Misty Ash
Sybilla Iris Misty Iris
Sybilla ChocolateMisty Chocolate
Sybilla navyMisty Navy
Sybilla Black Misty Black

The cattle are grazed on the ranch so that they can grow healthy without stress. The cow is engraved with the "living proof (natural mark)" on the leather.
Like this leather, the finish that makes use of the base material without hiding it with pigments or embossing may have a natural mark.
The Natural Mark is a proof of good quality natural leather, and as you use it, it becomes the unique taste of the product.

Rose wound / bloodline


It is a trace of small scratches and insect bites when bumping or fighting.The more you grow up in an environment closer to nature, the more you grow.Depth, length, and size vary depending on the individual.

Blood line

It is often found on both the grain and floor after blood vessels.



It is a trace of deep wrinkles that are often seen from around the neck to along the spine.Italian leather is popular because it is said that the more tigers there are, the more beautiful it is.The fiber density is the highest around the spine, and there is no problem with strength.

Color unevenness

Color unevenness

Color unevenness may occur due to differences in fiber density.Due to the unevenness of the leather quality, it is unavoidable as long as the leather is a natural material.
Please note that it is a unique leather personality.

If SYRINX products are used for their original purpose within the scope of common sense, a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase is provided for material and structural defects.
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