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HITOE FOLD achievements so far

The crowdfunding of "HITOE FOLD" was supported by more than 2 people in just a few minutes from the start of 8/0 00:1,200.
In the morning, the 2,000 prepared items sold out, so a return (product) was added.
In just eight days, we have updated the highest amount of wallet crowdfunding in Japan (8 million yen).
And, in 18 days, the production volume for one year (1 pieces / 3,500 yen) was sold out, so the event was closed early with 51,795,439 days left.
Thank you for your support and imagination.

From now on, in order to respond to the voice of those who wish to make a new reservation, we will make reservations on this site. (Planned production in February 2021)
We will do our best to deliver the product as soon as possible, so please continue to support us.

New HITOE, small "thin wallet"

Minimal design

"I want to go out with my hands, without my bag." The HITOE series was born to fulfill that desire.
This "HITOE FOLD" is an evolution of the HITOE series that pursues not only "thin" but also "small" wallets.
In pursuit of the ultimately simple design, smooth use, sufficient storage capacity, and ideals suitable for the cashless era, we have designed and designed ourselves.

Small [Thin wallet] HITOE Fold
Small and thin leather wallet

"Single structure" stands out

The wallet is thicker because cards and coins overlap. The solution to this is the “single (single) structure”. It is much thinner than a conventional wallet without stacking cards and coins.
Overlapping leather, only four, a total of about 4-6mm.
10 bills, 15 coins, 6 cards. Even with plenty of storage, it is overwhelmingly thin.

HITOE Fold perspective view
Lean layout
Unique three-dimensional sewing
Unique three-dimensional shape realizing compactness

About 9cm square. Small "thin wallet"

There are multiple wallets that do not overlap cards and coins.
"HITOE FOLD"Aimed at the smallest of them. We arrived at cards, coins and just size. No more compact than anywhere.
34% smaller than "HITOE L-zip S".

Thin wallet size comparison
Area ratio is HITOE FOLD100%
HITOE Fold and hand size comparison
Palm-sized compactness

"Thin leather" "thin wallet"

It is easy to make a thin wallet by making thin leather. However, thin leather is inferior in durability and impairs the original texture of the leather.
HITOE has challenged and reached this conflicting challenge: "Leather remains thick, but wallet is thin."
For the exterior, we used "Genatsu" leather with a thickness of about 2mm, which allows you to enjoy the original charm of leather.

Use condition viewed from an angle
The exterior is about 2mm original thickness leather

9 thoughtful ease of use

Not just thinness and compactness. We are particular about the smart feeling.

XNUMX Patent application flap

We invented a unique way to hang the triangular leather at the top right of the flap on the card to be stored.
It acts as a fastener and prevents the card from accidentally falling.

Original flap
Triangle fastener on top right of flap
Closed flap
Prevents sudden card drops

XNUMX sandwich it with leather, that's it.

Simple appearance just sandwiched between leather. The clasp does not stick out and there is no catch in the pocket. No metal is used, so you don't have to worry about damaging your clothes or cards.

HITOE Fold in hand
Constructed only with leather without using any hardware

XNUMX Quick opening / closing

With a single action that bends the border between the card and the coin into a “C” shape, the flap fastener can be easily removed.
When opened, you can handle coins, banknotes, cards, all at the same time, and quickly check out.

Bends into a "shaped" and can be opened and closed smoothly

XNUMX Banknotes as they are

Just insert the bill without breaking it. Because the upper half is visible, it is easy to take it out. A small cover in the coin pocket prevents the bills and coins from rubbing.

When opened, all can be checked at the same time
Can be stored without breaking the receipt

XNUMX Cards go smoothly

The lower right corner of the card pocket has been cut out to hook the flap fasteners. Thanks to that, you can put the card in and out smoothly. Also, your finger goes deep into the back of the card, making it easier to grasp.

Cards are easy to get in and out of corners

XNUMX. Shallow coin pocket

If the coin pocket is deep, it will not be possible to find and put out coins smoothly. HITOE's shallow coin pocket lets you quickly find and remove the coins you need. Close the flap and you won't have to worry about spilling coins.

Shallow and easy to use coin pocket
999 yen worth (15) coin pocket enough to put

XNUMX Coins are arranged naturally

Swing your wallet left and right to align coins in the same direction as nature. Even if you put coins properly, just keep them in your pocket, making it easier to arrange naturally.

By shaking, the coin is set naturally

XNUMX It is hard to lose shape

If the stitching allowance is large, it will be easy to lose shape, but HITOE FOLD"Has no extra binding anywhere. Therefore, it is hard to lose shape. Also, at first, the leather is hard, so the bends swell and feel thick. However, it becomes more familiar and thinner as you use it.

HITOE Fold viewed from the front
Lean minimal shape

9 Beautiful and functional as you use it

At the beginning of use, the outer part of the leather is thick and hard, so the bent part swells and feels thicker than the dimensions. In addition, the coins are easy to make a jarring sound and are easily biased to one place.
However, by using it, the leather becomes familiar, the wallet becomes thinner, and the sound calms down. At the same time, coin bias is improved.
For the same reason, banknotes that were easy to slip at first are also hard to slip.
"The more you use, the more beautiful and functional"
This is a common policy for SYRINX products.

HITOE Fold in hand
Change thinner as you use

Commitment to Made in TOKYO

SYRINX's minimal design requires high precision. Therefore, instead of mass-producing the factory, we carefully select workshops with high technical skills in Japan and carefully realize SYRINX's commitment.
In this product, three pieces of leather are piled up, and the part that is about 3 mm is stitched with a binding margin of only 4.5 mm. Also, because of the three-dimensional shape, it is necessary to stitch while squashing the swollen part. If the leather is too thick, it is oily to the floor, and it is difficult to temporarily fix parts.
These challenges were overcome by Japanese leather craftsmen with high technical skills and craftsmanship. In addition, the edge of the leather is cut and polished, and the edges are finely lined with a heated iron to ensure the finest details without compromise.
From design to die-cutting and sewing, everything is done in Tokyo, and we deliver the world-class Made in TOKYO quality.

HITOE Fold stamp
In pursuit of simplicity, the inscription is hidden under the card

About production volume

This product is produced by a limited number of highly skilled craftsmen, so that the production volume is limited. If mass production is carried out at overseas factories, etc., it can be delivered to more people quickly, but for that purpose, compromises must be made in detail and quality. That is not the direction that SYRINX aims for.
I think that the situation that makes you wait for a long time will continue for a while. However, your understanding will support SYRINX's commitment.
We will do our best to deliver it as soon as possible, so we appreciate your understanding.

Green wallet and plants

Intellectual Property Protection Initiatives

"HITOE FOLDHas applied for two design registrations and one patent in Japan. We are also applying for international applications with a view to global expansion.

The joy of opening the box

Delivered in a special-sized just-in-size box that can be used during storage. It is also ideal for gifts.

Perfectly sized makeup box

A little attention

There is one thing to keep in mind when using this wallet.
At least one card is required to hang the flap fastener on the card. Therefore, one dummy card that can be used as an emergency contact card is included.

Emergency contact card

Product Specifications

Dimensions: About W.91 x H.93 x D.13mm
(When 10 bills and 6 cards are stored)
Product weight: Approximately 50 g
Material: Leather (Tempesti Elbamatt, Italy)
Production: Taito-ku, Tokyo (Japan)
Accessories: Italian Plant Tannin Tanned Leather Association Quality Certificate
Makeup box
instruction manual
Emergency contact card

* For product warranty and handling precautionsshopto see the available categories of products and services.

Q. Does the triangular leather with flap corners stretch while you use it?
A. The dimensions are determined by calculating that it will grow a little. By getting used to, it just becomes better.

Q. Are the coins overflowing?
A. When your wallet is closed, coins will not overflow. Even when opened, the coin pocket lid keeps the coins even if you face it down, so it does not overflow. I think that you can use it with the greatest confidence in the HITOE series.

Q. Is it surprisingly thick?
A. This applies to the HITOE series in general, but the thick leather used for the exterior makes it easier to feel thicker than the dimensions with a firm texture. Furthermore, since the leather is hard at first, the bend is easy to swell and the thickness is increased. If you can use it for about 2 to 3 months, the leather will gradually become familiar and thin.

Q. Why are coins jarring?
A. The reason is that coins can easily move from side to side. By using it, the leather becomes familiar, the wallet becomes thinner, and the sound calms down.
We considered reducing the gusset during product development. However, if it improves over time, we will consider using it for a long time and give priority to ease of use.

Q. Are the coins really aligned?
A. If you pack the coins to the full, there will be no space to move inside and it will be difficult to align. In addition, if there are few coins, they will soon fall apart once they are prepared. In other cases, shake left and right to align.

Q. What should I do with the receipt?
A. Please put the receipt on the bill. A lot enters unexpectedly.

Q. How many cards can be inserted?
A. Because leather is elastic, our staff uses 8 pieces. Initially it is quite hard, so we recommend up to 6 cards.

Q. What causes the first bill to shift?
A. This is due to uneven friction between the left and right, and the fact that your finger touches when you open it. Please use while adjusting it appropriately. In particular, if you bend it diagonally when opening and closing, the banknotes will be more likely to slip.
By using it for a while, the leather of the bent part becomes familiar and the wallet becomes thinner. Along with that, the bills are less likely to slip.

Q. How long does it take for the leather to adapt?
A. Thickness and hardness vary depending on the lot, and it depends on how it is used.

Tempesti Elbamatt

"Vaketta manufacturing method" transmitted to the Tuscany region of Italy from the early 9th century. Tempestee's Elbamat leather, which continues its tradition, is a leather that has been tanned with natural tannins and slowly soaked in oil. Vaccetta leather has the unique feature of using beef tallow in the fattening process and using no water at all, and has a unique flexibility. Tallow is difficult to penetrate into leather and takes time to penetrate deep into the fiber. However, once it penetrates, it is difficult to come off, and you can enjoy a luxurious and glossy leather almost permanently. Tempesti's patented Elbamat manufacturing method combines beef tallow and fish fat to infiltrate more oil into the leather.
Elbamat luxuriously uses only the torso (benz), which is the finest of the finest cow hides grown in the cold regions of the Nordic countries.
Elba mats infused with twice the usual amount of oil have a smooth, sticky, superbly beautiful color and luster and stand out among the many Italian leathers.
A member of the Italian Vegetable Tannin Leather Association.

Elba mat

Deepening colors and aging

The bright and transparent coloring of Elbamat is done with dyes only. Scratches and stains are not hidden by embossing or pigment, so they remain. However, it is proof that it is the highest quality natural leather that you can enjoy the texture of the hide. We hope that you accept wounds and stains as a unique personality.
The more leather you use, the deeper the color, the more you can enjoy aging. As for aging, there is no leather to the right of Vachetta leather. Above all, Elbamat's aging, which contains plenty of oil, is beautiful and deepens in a short time.
In Italy, leather-like natural texture is preferred, and the culture of enjoying aging is alive. Elbamat is one of the few Italian leathers that can inherit the Italian leather culture and enjoy its charm.
Because it is a leather that grows together, it is also a great gift for a new start such as enrollment, promotion, or employment.

Elbamat aging

Liscio aging example

The standard finish on Elbamat is the Liscio series, which means "smooth" in Italian. As its name suggests, it has a smooth, sticky texture. It is a basic texture of Elba mat, with a sense of transparency that shows the expression of the hide, with a wonderful deepening of color and luster.

CammelloCammello(Camel): Classic color. Gradually beautiful candy.
Fragola Fragola(Strawberry): From bright vermilion to deep brick.
Piombo Piombo(lead): From gray brown to deep dark brown with low saturation
Lattuga Lattuga(lettuce): From beautiful young leaf color to olive color with deep luster.
agave Agave(Agave): Blue-green gradually darkens.
Nero Nero(black): From matte expression to gradually glossy black.

No oil care required

I think that general leather has a glossy surface from the beginning. That's because the surface of the leather is oiled and finished in the final process. However, the oil on the surface volatilizes over time, loses its luster, and becomes crunchy. That is why regular oil care is essential.
Elba mats, on the other hand, have a matte look at first, as the name suggests. This is because a patented method of adding 1.5 to 2 times the normal amount of oil (about 20% of the hide) without applying oil to the surface, the oil penetrates into the fiber and the leather does not dry. The more oil you use, the more the oil contained inside will seep out of the pores and coat the epidermis, giving it a gloss. The waterproof effect also increases.
If you add the existing oil for leather, the pores will be clogged and you will have difficulty breathing, which will lead to the leather aging faster. Therefore, Elbamat does not require oil care. Waterproof sprays and other coatings are also prohibited. The leather cannot breathe and hardens.
Doing nothing and giving the leather a moderate stimulus is the best maintenance.
The surface is soft and easily scratched because it is not coated, but some scratches will recover naturally if rubbed with a finger. Deep wounds become familiar with aging and change into leather texture.
Due to the time and labor involved, few manufacturers currently produce Vachetta leather. Among the great leather nations, Elbamat is a rare presence that combines the original taste of leather with the ease of handling.

Elbamat manufacturing process

About Natural Mark

The cattle are grazed on the ranch so that they can grow healthy without stress. The cow is engraved with the "living proof (natural mark)" on the leather.
・ Scratch: Original skin scars, scratches and spots.
-Uneven color: The fiber density and thickness are different. Occurs depending on lots and parts.
Blood line: A streak pattern in which traces of blood vessels immediately below become dark.
・ Tiger: Streaky stripes at places where wrinkles tend to come close, such as near the neck
Normally, these are often hidden by embossing or pigments, but in that case the original texture of the leather is impaired.
Finishes that make use of the base material like Elbamat may have a natural mark, but it can be said that it is a proof of high quality natural leather.
We hope that you understand it as a unique personality.

camel t-guingla camel lettuce

(Scratch / color unevenness / blood line / wrinkle)

About white powder

Elbamat is a very oily leather, so the oil component oozing out of the pores may become white powder depending on the temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions.
This is the same phenomenon as bridle leather bloom, etc., not a product defect.
It is especially noticeable in winter, when the temperature is low, and it may look like a mold, but it can be easily wiped off with a soft cloth. (Parts that are difficult to remove finely, such as stitches, disappear when heated.)
These symptoms are one of the good properties of oily Elbamat. Thank you for your understanding.


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