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Small thin wallet
Hitoe® Fold - Liscio

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The origin of small, thin wallets and the complete model.

“I want to feel free to go out empty-handed.”
To make that wish come true, Hitoe® Fold, a small and thin wallet , was born.
The Hitoe® structure (registered design) that prevents stacking of stored items, inner hook (patented) that eliminates the need for metal fittings, and numerous ideas packed into a palm-sized package are the origins of a small, thin wallet that combines an extremely thin design with smooth operability .

Minimalist design of the small thin wallet Hitoe Fold - Hitoe Fold Liscio
The origin of small thin wallets

Challenge to thinness

Hitoe® (single) structure with outstanding thinness

Achieved thinness with Hitoe® (single) structure (design/trademark registered) that does not overlap cards and coins.
Up to 5 layers of overlapping leather & no hardware required
Thickest part when stored 13mm
(When storing 7 cards, 10 bills, and 10 100 yen coins)
Hitoe® Fold series minimum 86 x 89mm
Can hold up to 7 cards, 15 bills, and 20 coins .
Even with plenty of storage, it is an overwhelmingly thin wallet .

Small thin wallet Hitoe Fold's unique three-dimensional sewing - Hitoe Fold Liscio
Hitoe® (single) structure that prevents cards and coins from overlapping

Details that balance thinness and smallness

There is also some ingenuity in how the ends fit together.
The bottom of the card pocket becomes thicker than the other parts when the wallet is closed due to the influence of the inner hook. Therefore, the leather is layered and sewn together on the outside to keep it thin.
On the other hand, the side of the card pocket is made smaller by folding the leather and rolling it inside.
Although it is a thin wallet, it has a small size.

Roll-up processing of the card pocket of the small thin wallet Hitoe Fold
Left side: Rolling in Right side: Stitching

Made from a single piece that allows you to enjoy the feel of leather

Adopts thick leather that maintains sufficient thickness while pursuing thinness. We also value the texture of leather, such as tension and stiffness.

Small thin wallet Hitoe Fold
Uniform thinness without waste

Inner hook without metal fittings

A new idea of ​​using the stored cards as clasps

We have devised an inner hook (patented) that can be hung on cards rather than on the outside of the wallet.
A smart leather hook that keeps your wallet thin and hidden from view .
This idea made possible the minimalist design of Hitoe® Fold, a small, thin wallet with no hardware .

Small thin wallet Hitoe Fold bill holder and inner hook
Bill holder seamlessly connected to inner hook

Not only does it act as a clasp, but it also prevents the card from falling when you carry it.

Closed inner hook - small thin wallet Hitoe Fold
Fits inside to prevent cards from falling accidentally

Sandwiched with leather. But that's it.

Flat appearance just sandwiched between leather. Nothing sticks out, so it stays thin and won't get caught in your pocket.
Also, if you turn it inside out, the inner hook will not come off. You don't have to worry about opening the top or bottom incorrectly and dropping coins.

Front view - small thin wallet Hitoe Fold
Constructed only from leather without using any hardware

Minimal and smooth operation

Quick accounting with minimal movements

It can be easily opened and closed by bending it into the dogleg shape, which is where the name "Fold" comes from. With this one action, you can smoothly insert and remove coins and cards while keeping the wallet vertical.

(If you are right-handed) The trick is to bend the bottom of the wallet in a dogleg shape with your left hand and avoid touching the inner hook.

Just insert the banknotes without folding them

Just insert the banknotes without folding them . It is also highly visible and easy to take out. There are no creases or tri-folds , so it fits smoothly into vending machines and self-checkout machines.
The bill holder has a continuous design with the inner hook. The curve acts as a guide, allowing you to insert and remove it smoothly without getting caught.

You can smoothly put in and take out bills without touching the bill holder.

Cards are safe and smooth

When closed, the inner hook prevents the card from falling out . The card pocket has a large cutout that allows for smooth insertion and removal .

Smooth card insertion and removal

Smooth and secure coin pocket

The coin pocket is shallow and has no metal fittings such as zippers or hooks, so you can quickly retrieve the coins you need.
When storing the coin pocket, the lid of the coin pocket acts as a guide for smooth storage.
Also, if you close your wallet, the coins will not overflow. Even when the coin pocket is open, the lid of the coin pocket prevents it from overflowing.
There is plenty of room even if you put in 999 yen worth (15 pieces).

Does not spill easily during use

Minimal design recognized around the world

19 prestigious design awards from around the world

The Hitoe® Fold series of small, thin wallets (including Aria and Less) have been highly praised for their functional, minimalist design and innovative thinness , and have won the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award , two of the world's three major design awards. , all awarded IDEA . It has also won 19 major design awards from around the world, including London, New York, Paris, Milan, and Hong Kong.

(Click on the "About Product" tab for detailed award results)

Small thin wallet Hitoe Fold World Design Award
19 wins in total for all Hitoe® Fold series

Design that follows the laws of nature

“Why is the golden ratio beautiful?”
The golden ratio of 1:1.62 is the aspect ratio of a rectangle with spiral repeating squares whose sides are the Fibonacci sequence . (Figure below)
In fact, the Fibonacci sequence is hidden everywhere in nature. The branches of trees, the number of petals, sunflower seeds, seashells, typhoons, spiral galaxies. It can also be found in art of the utmost beauty, such as the pyramids, the Parthenon, and the 36 Views of Mt.
The important thing is not to achieve the golden ratio. Proportions from the details to the whole follow the Fibonacci sequence , which is deeply related to nature and the providence of life, resulting in a well-balanced design that resonates with the heart .

This sequence is hidden in the beautiful proportions of the small, thin wallet Hitoe® Fold.

Fibonacci sequence - small thin wallet Hitoe Fold
Proportions based on the Fibonacci sequence spiral

beautiful details

Accurate and delicate stitching, dyed and polished edges (edges of the leather) , smooth floor surface (back side of the leather), and thin lines drawn into the edges with a heated trowel.
The small thin wallet Hitoe® Fold pursues beauty down to the smallest detail .

Small thin wallet Hitoe Fold edge finish
The edges are dyed and polished to achieve simplicity, and the engraving is hidden under the card.

Can be used beautifully for a long time

In general, most problems with wallets are caused by hardware or sewing. However, Hitoe® Fold, a small, thin wallet, does not use any hardware, and the stitching avoids the folded parts that are easily damaged .
Furthermore, the corners that are easily damaged are layered with outer leather and inner leather to increase durability. The seam allowance is extremely small, making it a design that won't lose its shape even in a pants pocket .

Durable corners and edges of the small thin wallet Hitoe Fold
The corners are layered with leather to make them durable

Smooth vachetta leather

Liscio means smooth in Italian. Crafted from traditional vachetta leather, the color deepens with use due to vegetable tannins and oils.
(For a detailed explanation of the leather, click on the "About Liscio Leather" tab)

Small thin wallet Hitoe Fold Liscio leather
Smooth hills of Tuscany, Italy

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