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Small thin wallet
Hitoe® Fold - Liscio

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Pre-order acceptance period: May 31, 12:00 - July 31, 23:59
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Delivery schedule
We plan to deliver 500 pieces in August and 200 pieces per month starting in September.
0-500 pieces August
- 700 pieces September
- 900 pieces October
- 1100 pieces November
- 1300 pieces December
- 1500 pieces January 2024
is the estimated delivery schedule.
The delivery date may vary depending on the color and the user's hand.

Changes from the previous model

1. even smaller

This is the smallest wallet in the SYRINX line.
The edges have been carefully designed and the width has been shortened by 6mm, while maintaining the same smooth and thin feel.

小さな薄い財布 Hitoe Fold 新旧比較
Comparison of old and new sizes

Evolution of bill holder

The bill holder and inner hook (patent pending) have evolved into a single piece of laminated leather. (Same specifications as Hitoe® Fold Aria / Less)
The stitching on the side that caused bills to get caught in the previous model has been eliminated, making it smoother to insert and remove bills.
The back side is now silver-surfaced (the surface of the leather), making it more durable. 3.

3) Beautifully coated leather

The edges of the leather (koba) are carefully polished after dyeing, making it more beautiful and durable.

Cards do not easily fall out

Part of the inside of the card pocket has a rougher surface. Cards are less likely to slide out than in the previous model. (Slipless version of Hitoe® Fold Aria / Less is even more effective.)
When the wallet is closed, the inner hook hangs on the card and there is no possibility of the card falling out.

If you stand the wallet upright, the cards are less likely to fall out.
Note that friction is less effective when the wallet is horizontal!

Small thin wallet

I want to go out without any handbag."
The Hitoe® Fold, a small thin wallet, was created to fulfill this desire.
The Hitoe® structure (design registered), the hardware-free inner hook (patent applied for), and the action of bending in the shape of the Chinese character, which is the origin of the name, have been developed to prevent stacking of stored items. These innovations have enabled both an extremely thin design and smooth operability.

This is a thin wallet that has been created with ingenuity in pursuit of an ideal suitable for the cashless era.

小さな薄い財布 Hitoe Foldのミニマルなデザイン - Hitoe Fold Liscio

Challenge to thinness

Hitoe® (single) structure that stands out for its thinness

The Hitoe® (single) structure (design registered ), in which cards and coins are not stacked on top of each other, achieves thinness.
Thickest part when stowed is 13mm.
(When storing 7 cards, 10 bills, and 10 100 yen coins)
・Palm size: 86 x 89mm
・Weight: approx. 36g
Up to 7 cards, 15 bills, and 20 coins can be stored.
Even with ample storage space, it is overwhelmingly thin.

小さな薄い財布 Hitoe Foldの独自の立体的な縫製 - Hitoe Fold Liscio
Layout that cards and coins do not overlap

Thin details

There is also ingenuity in how the edges are tucked in.
When the wallet is closed, the lower side of the card pocket is thicker than the rest of the wallet due to the inner hook. Therefore, the leather is layered and stitched together on the outside to keep it thin.
On the other hand, the side of the card pocket is made smaller by folding the leather and wrapping it around the inside.
The small size is achieved while maintaining the thinness.

小さな薄い財布 Hitoe Fold のカードポケットの巻き込み処理
Left side: Wrapped around, Right side: Stitched together

While pursuing a thin wallet, the leather is thick enough, and the leather-like texture, such as tension and firmness, is also important.

小さな薄い財布 Hitoe Fold

Hardware-free inner hook

A new concept of using the cards to be stored as a clasp.

We have devised an inner hook (patent pending) that hangs from the card instead of the outside of the wallet.
This smart leather hook keeps the wallet thin and does not show on the front.
This idea made possible the minimalist, hardware-free design of the small, thin Hitoe® Fold wallet.

小さな薄い財布 Hitoe Foldの札押さえとインナーフック
The inner hook and seamlessly continuous bill holder

not only serves as a clasp, but also prevents cards from falling out.

インナーフックを閉じた様子 - 小さな薄い財布 Hitoe Fold
It tucks inside and prevents accidental card drops

Clipped with leather. That's all there is to it.

Just clasp it with leather for a flat appearance. Nothing sticks out, so it remains thin and won't get caught in your pocket.
The inner hook is designed so that it will not come off when the front and back are reversed. Therefore, there is no need to worry about dropping coins by opening it upside down by mistake.

正面 - 小さな薄い財布 Hitoe Fold
Composed only of leather without any hardware

Minimal and smooth operability

Quick checkout with minimal movements

The wallet can be easily opened and closed by simply bending it in the " ku" shape, which is where the name "Fold" comes from. With this one action, the wallet remains in portrait orientation, and money and cards can be smoothly inserted and removed.

(For right-handed users, the trick is to bend the lower part of the wallet with the left hand in a "ku-shape" and not touch the inner hook.

Just insert bills without folding them.

Just insert bills without folding them. They are also highly visible and easy to remove. Since it does not get folded or trifold bent, it can be smoothly inserted into vending machines and self-checkout machines.
The bill holder is designed to be continuous with the inner hook. The curve of the inner hook serves as a guide, allowing smooth insertion and removal without snagging.

Smoothly inserts and removes bills without touching the bill holder.

Cards can be inserted and removed smoothly and securely.

When closed, the inner hook prevents cards from falling out. The card pocket has a large cutout that pairs with the inner hook for smooth insertion and removal.

Smooth card insertion and removal

Smooth and secure coin pocket

The coin pocket is shallow and has no fasteners or hooks, so you can quickly remove the coins you need.
When storing coins, the lid of the coin pocket serves as a guide for smooth storage.
Also, coins will not overflow when the wallet is closed. Even when the wallet is open, the coin pocket lid prevents overflow.
There is room for 999 yen (15 coins).

No spillage while in use.

Minimalist design recognized around the world

Winner of 18 of the world's most prestigious design awards

The Hitoe® Fold series (including Aria and Less) has been highly acclaimed for its functional and minimalist design, winning the iF design award and thered dot design award, the world's three most prestigious design awards. In addition, Aria Less has won 18 major design awards from London, New York, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, and other major design awards around the world.

(For more information, click on the tab "Awards and Achievements - Small Thin Wallet Hitoe® Fold")

Hitoe® Fold total of 18 awards for all series

Design in accordance with the laws of nature

Why is the Golden Ratio so beautiful?
The Golden Ratio 1:1.62 is the aspect ratio of a rectangle made up of a spiral of squares with the Fibonacci sequence as one side. (Figure below)
In fact, the Fibonacci sequence is hidden everywhere in nature. Tree branches, the number of petals, sunflower seeds, seashells, typhoons, spiral galaxies. It can also be found in art, such as the Pyramids, the Parthenon, and the 36 Views of Mount Fuji, where beauty is at its finest.
It is not the golden ratio that is important. It is the Fibonacci sequence, in which the proportions from the smallest detail to the whole are deeply related to nature and the providence of life, that results in a well-balanced design that resonates with the heart.

フィボナッチ数列 - 小さな薄い財布 Hitoe Fold
Proportions based on the spiral of the Fibonacci sequence

Beautiful details

The precise and delicate stitching, the dyed and polished edge of the leather, the smooth floor, the fine lines around the edges with a hot iron...these are just a few of the details that make Hitoe® Fold a small, thin wallet.
Every detail of the Hitoe® Fold, a small, thin wallet, has been designed for beauty.

小さな薄い財布 Hitoe Fold コバの仕上げ
Dyed and polished kova
for simplicity, the engraving is hidden under the card.

Long and beautiful use.

Generally, most wallet problems are caused by hardware or sewing. However, the small, thin Hitoe® Fold wallet uses no hardware at all and only four stitches.
In addition, the corners, which are prone to damage, are made of layers of outer and inner leather to increase durability. The seam allowance is as small as possible, so the design does not easily lose its shape even in a trouser pocket.

小さな薄い財布 Hitoe Foldの丈夫な角やエッジ
Corners are layered with leather for durability

Smooth-textured vacchetta leather

Liscio, Italian for "smooth," is made from vacchetta leather, which has been used in Tuscany, Italy since the early 9th century. The leather is tanned with vegetable tannin and soaked with oil slowly, so that you can enjoy the almost permanent moisture and glossy leather quality. The silver surface is smooth and fine, with natural color irregularities due to the dye finish, giving the leather an elegant and tasteful look.
The aging process of vacchetta leather stands out among other Italian leathers, and the color and luster deepen beautifully.

(For a detailed description of the leather, click on the "Material" tab.)

Smooth hills of Tuscany, Italy

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匿名 (Sagae, JP)



大変ユニークな特徴を持つため、ご購入当初は戸惑われる方もいらっしゃるかと存じます。慣れるにつれ、ワンアクションで全てにアクセス出来る使い勝手の良さもご好評いただいております。 毎日のお供にご愛用いただけますと幸いに存じます。

Ryuma K. (Sakaecho, JP)


初代Hitoe® Foldの発表より試行錯誤を重ねてまいりましたが、これも、ひとえに応援してくださるお客様のご支援の賜物と感謝申し上げます。

isuketheboss (Tokyo, JP)

ただ、社会人となり、今まで使っていた財布が長財布で、持ち運びに何かと不便でしたので、何か良いものはないかと探していた丁度その時に出会ったのがこのHitoe Foldシリーズでした。他の方のレビューを拝見させていただいたり、様々な機能性を知ったりする中で購入したい思いがどんどん強くなり、思い切って購入してみました。



よしあき (Utsunomiya, JP)
二代目Hitoe® Fold

初代Hitoe® Foldを愛用してますが、毎日ジーンズの後ポケットに入れて使っていたので、だいぶくたびれて来たため改めて購入しました。
初代は、紙幣がずれやすく収納時注意が必要でしたが、二代目は改善され使いやすくなっていました。 ただ少し革が硬めな感じがします。