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Hitoe® Quartet

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90 お申し込み件数

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Advance Reservations Begin

Pre-orders (crowdfunding) will begin on Friday, August 4, 2012.

Pre-order period: August 4 (Fri.) 12:30 - October 17 (Tue.) 23:59
*The pre-order may end early in case of a large number of reservations.

Starts|August 4: The most auspicious day of the year when Tenkan-ichi, Ichigumann-boku-ichi, O-an, Mokura-ichi, Kamikichi-ichi, and Tsukinokichi coincide.
Ends|October 17: The most auspicious day of the year when Tenkan-ichi, O-an, and Kamikichi-ichi coincide.

The standard delivery is 150 pieces in November and 40-50 pieces per month from December.
Please check the approximate delivery date from "Number of applications" before ordering.

Since production is started based on the quantity predicted in advance, the delivery date may vary depending on the color of your application.

Please read " Pre-order Notes " for other points to keep in mind.

Thin billfold

A bifold wallet without a coin pocket is called a " wallet (satsire ).
A wallet that is thin even when eight cards are stored in the four pockets
That is the Hitoe® Quartet (quartet = quartet).

ミニマルなデザイン - Hitoe Quartet

Stored, but still thin

The four card pockets do not overlap, and the " Hitoe® (single) structure " achieves thinness.
Thickness when 8 cards are stored: 9mm
・Size 120 x 94mm
Each card pocket can hold 1~2 cards, up to 8 cards.

フラットな外観 - Hitoe Quartet
Remains thin even with ample storage

Minimalist design

Core material for the cards to be stored

The Hitoe® Quartet is designed to be thin by taking advantage of the full-length card pocket and using the stored cards as a core material.
The space between the cards is slightly bent to flexibly accommodate deformation and prevent damage to the cards.

独自の構成 - Hitoe Quartet
Using the stored cards as the core material

Pursuit of thinness

The edges are not "rolled in" but have a "seam allowance. This is in pursuit of thinness. Wrapping the card into the bag will make the size smaller, but the overlap of the leather will increase, making the bag thicker. This is a detail that is faithful to the ideal we should aim for.
Also, when rolled up, the card tends to get caught on the edge of the leather, but in the case of the seam allowance, it does not get caught and is smooth.

端部処理 - Hitoe Quartet
薄い財布 - Hitoe Quartet

Long and beautiful use

Most problems with wallets are caused by hardware and sewing. We do not use any hardware. Corners and edges, which are prone to damage, are covered with layers of outer and inner leather to increase durability. Furthermore, no stitches are used on the folded parts that are subject to friction.
The stitching allowance is as small as possible, and the design prevents the product from losing its shape.

丈夫な角やエッジ - Hitoe Quartet
Corners are layered with leather for durability.

Beautiful details

Precise and delicate stitches, the polished leather surface on the dyed surface, the smooth floor surface, and the fine lines (nenpiki) drawn around the edges with a heated iron. We pursue beauty down to the smallest detail.

縫製 - HITOE Sextet
Beautiful edge treatment of the seam allowance

Banknotes remain in place

Banknotes can be stored in the large pocket as they are.

合理的な構成 - HITOE Quartet

Partner with Hitoe® Fold

Hitoe® Fold can hold up to 7 cards.
However, if you have too many cards and Hitoe® Fold is not enough...
then the Hitoe® Quartet is the perfect partner.

With Hitoe® Quartet and Hitoe® Fold, you can store up to 7+8=15 cards.

Receipts, important cards you don't want to stack, and infrequently used cards go in the Hitoe® Quartet and in your bag.
Money and cards you carry with you can be placed in the Hitoe® Fold and put in your pocket.

It makes going out even more comfortable.

For those with more cards, we also offer the Hitoe® Sextet with 12-card capacity.

カード12枚収納可能 - Hitoe Sextet
Hitoe® Sextet with 12-card capacity

Smoothly textured vacchetta leather

The leather used is vacchetta leather, which has been used in the Tuscany region of Italy since the early 9th century. The leather is tanned with vegetable tannin and soaked with oil slowly, so you can enjoy its almost permanent moisture and glossy texture.
The silver surface is smooth and fine, with a natural color variation due to the dye finish, giving the leather an elegant and tasteful look.
The aging process of vacchetta leather stands out among other Italian leathers, and the color and luster deepen beautifully.

(For a detailed description of the leather, click on the "Material" tab.)

Smooth hills of Tuscany, Italy

Usage Notes

The card pocket has no gusset. Instead, it is made of thinly processed rubbed leather that easily expands and contracts.
Since there is no room in the dimensions, it is a little tight at first, but you will soon get used to it, and once you do, it will fit just right and be comfortable to use.

Also, the leather is designed to close snugly when it is acclimated, so the lid may open a little even if it is initially closed.

Customer Reviews

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匿名 (Otemachi, JP)
Hitoe Foldとの組み合わせで使い勝手向上!

普段から同社のHitoe Foldを使用していますが、旅行などでカードやチケットを持ち歩く時にかさばらないサイフを探していました。私はアンバサダーを拝命しており、本製品は先行で購入、使用させていただいておりますが、チケットとカードを入れても厚さ1cmと他社製品と比べて格段に薄く、バッグの隙間にしっかりと納めることができます。革も縫製もFoldと同じくしっかりしており、長く使える製品であると思います。
この製品とHitoe Foldを組み合わせることによってさらに使い勝手がよくなりました。

仰る通りHitoe Quartetは、Hitoe Foldをご愛用くださっているお客様のお声にお応えしたいとの想いから誕生いたしました。
Hitoe Foldのパートナーとして、末長くご愛用いただけますと幸いに存じます。