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Tsutsumu® Name Card Case - Liscio

Japanese beauty that "wraps" the heart

Omotenashi: Wrapping an important business card in a single piece of leather

In Japan, there is a culture of carefully wrapping important things, such as furoshiki used for gifts, fukusa, and noshibukuro.
We designed this business card case based on this traditional Japanese aesthetic of wrapping.
No strings, metal fittings, belts, or other clasps are used. Just a sheet of high quality leather folded over beautifully like origami to wrap an important business card.

In Japan, business cards are treated with the utmost respect as the recipient's share of the business card.
Tsutsumu®, which carefully wraps important business cards, is a business item that conveys your own dignity and sensitivity as well as the culture of Japanese hospitality to others.

Unwrapping and solving manners to take care of others


Careful wrapping shows care and consideration for the recipient, as does the act of unwrapping. In business situations, the priority is to keep the recipient waiting and to allow smooth access to business cards with a minimum of movement.
Tsutsumu®" has no clasp, so it can be opened quickly and business cards can be taken out smoothly.
Once you get used to the leather, you can feel the cutout for taking out business cards from the top of the lid, so you can take them out smartly without looking down and looking at the person you are dealing with.

Attractive leather and neat design


Wrap your business card in the best material because it's important."
The leather used for Tsutsumu® is so soft and absorbent to the touch that you will want to keep touching it. The original thickness of about 2mm is used, and the more it is used, the more beautifully and tastefully it changes.
It is also perfectly symmetrical and neatly designed, giving it a formal look.

Small business card case

With no stitching, the size is completely lean, just the thickness of the leather added to the business card.

Tsutsumu® Name Card Cases have received numerous awards and accolades both domestically and internationally.


Tsutsumu® Card Case

The iF DESIGN AWARD, one of the world's top three design awards, is organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH and has been one of the most prestigious design awards in the world since 1953. iF logo is widely recognized worldwide as a "seal of design excellence. Each year, more than 7,000 entries from 50 countries are submitted for judging.

A' design award
A' Design Award & Competition 2019
Tsutsumu® Card Case

One of the world's largest design competitions to select the best designs, design concepts, products and services. It is recognized worldwide as a barometer of design quality and perfection.

DFA 2019
DFA Design for Asia Awards 2019
Tsutsumu® Card Case

Established in 2003 by the Hong Kong Design Centre, this international design award recognizes outstanding design from an Asian perspective. Awards are judged and presented from four perspectives: overall design excellence, technological applicability, Asian influence, and commercial and social success.

EPDA 2019
European Product Design Award 2019
Tsutsumu® Card Case

The Tsutsumu® Card Case is a design competition created to recognize the efforts of talented international product designers. From thousands of design projects submitted from around the world, the jury selects the most beautiful, functional, and innovative products.

IDEA 2018
IDEA 2018
Tsutsumu® Card Case

The International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), one of the world's top three design awards, has been sponsored by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) in the United States for more than 25 years. The IDEA is designed to recognize and promote unique and innovative products that make a significant difference and contribution to the quality of the economy.

Asia design award
Asia Design Prize 2018
Tsutsumu® Card Case

An international design competition organized by DESIGNSORI, a Korean design portal. It is Asia's first public-spirited award that attempts to solve social problems in Asia through design. Awards are given to designs that address social issues such as extreme weather, social inequality, racial discrimination, and food crises.

おもてなしセレクション 2017
Omotenashi Selection 2017
Tsutsumu® Card Case

This award was established with the aim of discovering and promoting to the world products and services that are full of excellent Japanese "Omotenashi Spirit". The award is given to products and services that are born from the consideration of the user, and that have been improved upon while carrying on the traditions of Japan.

Smooth texture

Liscio is an Italian word meaning "smooth.
The silver surface is smooth and fine, with natural unevenness in color due to the dye finish, giving it an elegant and tasteful leather-like appearance.

The leather used is vacchetta leather, which has been used in the Tuscany region of Italy since the early 9th century. The leather is tanned with vegetable tannin and soaked with oil slowly, so that you can enjoy its almost permanent moisture and gloss.

The aging process of vacchetta leather stands out among other Italian leathers, and the color and luster of the leather deepens beautifully.


CamelCamel: The color of camel hair. A light brown with yellowish tints.
ChestnutChestnut: Chestnut. A reddish brown.
Teal Teal : The color of a duck's facial hair. The blue-green color gradually darkens.
Black Black : The leather gradually turns from matte to glossy black.

Natural Mark

Animals are bound to have scratches, stains, insect bites, and other blemishes.
In ordinary leather, these are covered up with pigments and enamels.

However, this leather is dyed to preserve the original texture and feel of the leather. Therefore, the following "living proofs (natural marks)" are often engraved on the leather.

These are the unique characteristics of natural materials and are not defects. However, each person has his or her own taste in the appearance. If you wish, we can replace them. If you wish to exchange the item, please check the exchange section of " Warranty, Repair, Cancellation, and Returns" before proceeding.


The cows that are the source of this leather are raised on pasture so that they grow up in a healthy and stress-free environment. Therefore, there are many small scars and insect bites from bumps and fights. These scars are "rose scars. The better the leather grows in a natural environment, the better the quality of the leather, but the more rose scars there will be.

They are scattered throughout the leather and only small parts can be removed if they are avoided. Therefore, they are often found on large parts.

This is a unique expression of natural leather that can never be seen in man-made materials.


The most common sign that a leather is natural and not man-made is the "blood streak", a pattern unique to natural leather.

These are the traces of blood vessels under the skin. Some are faintly visible on the silver surface, some remain as light wrinkles, and some are clearly visible on the floor.


A long stripe pattern created when the complex shape of an animal is flattened into leather. It is called "tiger" because it looks like the stripes of a tiger.

Tigers are especially common around the neck, and since this leather is shoulder, tigers are frequently seen. The area around the spine, where there are many tigers, has a high fiber density and the leather is of good quality. Flat, wrinkle-free leather is not necessarily better quality.

In Italian leather, tigers are a very popular characteristic that enriches the look of the leather.


Pores and hair follicles remain in the leather and are called "pinholes.
The leather is often seen as a natural expression, especially when the leather is only dyed and has little surface treatment, as in this case.

Dimensions: approx. W.97 x H.62 x D.13 (holds 20 business cards)
Product weight: Approx. 40g
Storage capacity : Approx. 20 business cards (business card size 91 x 55mm)
Leather :Cowhide
Country of manufacture : Japan
Intellectual Property :Design Registration No. 1595193
     Trademark registration No. 6358066

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