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Color: Cammello


7 world design awards

"TSUTSUMU® Card CaseIs highly regarded for its minimalist appearance and concept, and has won seven crowns in world-famous design awards.
iF Design Award 2019(Germany, one of the three major design awards in the world)
IDEA2018(One of the three major design awards in the United States)
A 'Design Award & Competition 2019(Italy)
DFA Design for Asia Awards 2019(Hong Kong)
Asia Design Award 2018(Korea)
The 3rd European Product Design Award(Hungary)
Hospitality Selection 2017(Japan)


Japanese beauty that "wraps" your heart


Hospitality that wraps an important business card with one piece of leather

In Japan, there is a culture that carefully wraps important things such as furoshiki, gossabu, and gift bags used for gifts.
We designed the business card holder from this traditional Japanese aesthetic of "wrapping".
No fasteners such as threads, metal fittings or belts are used. A fine piece of leather is beautifully folded just like origami paper to wrap important business cards.

In Japan, the business card we receive will be treated as the other person's alter ego.
Carefully wrap your important business cardTSUTSUMU®Is a business item that conveys Japanese hospitality culture to the other party as well as your own dignity and sensibility.

Solving work that cares about the other party


The carefully wrapped items can be thoughtful and considerate to the other person in the action. In the business scene, prioritizing not waiting for the other party and taking out business cards smoothly with a minimum of movement is prioritized.
"TSUTSUMU®"" Has no fasteners, so you can open it quickly and take out business cards smoothly.
If the leather fits well, you can easily find the notch for taking out from the top of the lid, so you can take out your business card smartly while looking down at the other person without facing down.

Leather charm and neat design

tsutsumuHeart of

"Because it is an important business card, wrap it in the best material."
TSUTSUMU®The leather used for is soft and sticky to the touch, which makes you want to touch it all the time.Use it with the original thickness of about 2 mm, and the more you use it, the more beautiful and tasty it will change.
In addition, the completely symmetrical and neat design puts on a formal atmosphere.

Small business card holder

Since there are no stitches, it is a size with no waste, just the thickness of leather added to the business card. The smallest (*) leather business card holder.(*As of 2020.2.8, according to our research).

Product Specifications

External dimensions: About W.97 x H.62 x D.13 (holds 20 business cards)
Product weight: Approximately 40 g
Storage capacity: About 20 (business card size 91 x 55mm)
Leather: Italian vegetable tanned leather (Vacetta manufacturing method)
Production: Japan
Intellectual Property: Design Registration No. 1595193

* For product warranty and handling precautionshereto see the available categories of products and services.


"Liscio"(Risho)" means "smooth" in Italian.The leather used in this series is "Vacetta leather", which has been handed down in Tuscany, Italy since the beginning of the 9th century.This leather is tanned with natural tree tannins and carefully soaked with oil.The biggest feature is that it mainly uses neatsfoot oil in the greasing process, and it has a unique suppleness.Neatsfoot oil does not easily penetrate into leather, and it takes time to penetrate deep into the fibers.However, once it penetrates, it is hard to come off, and you can enjoy the moisturized and glossy leather quality almost forever.
With its smoothness that sticks to it, it has a beautiful and deeply beautiful color and stands out among the many Italian leathers.

Deepening colors and aging

Vivid and transparent coloring is done only with dyes. The scratches and stains remain as they are because they are not hidden by embossing or pigment. However, the fact that you can enjoy the texture of raw leather as it is is the proof that it is the highest quality natural leather. Please accept scratches and stains as a unique character.
The leather finished with dye deepens the color as you use it, and you can enjoy aging. When it comes to aging, there is no leather to the right of Vachetta leather. It is beautiful, and the color and luster deepen in a short time.
Because it is a leather that grows together, it is also a great gift for a new start such as enrollment, promotion, or employment.

Aging example

Smooth and sticky texture. There is a transparent feeling that you can see the expression of the raw leather. The more you use it, the deeper the color and luster.

CamelCamel: Camel hair color.Bright yellowish brown.
ChestnutChestnut:sorrel.Reddish brown.
TealTeal: The color of the duck's face.The blue-green color gradually becomes darker.
BlackBlack: From matte expression to gradually glossy black.

No oil care required

The oil that has soaked into the fibers oozes out from the pores as it is used, coating the surface and giving it a glossy appearance.Therefore, no oil care is required.
Please note that adding ready-made leather oil may cause the leather to become over-oiled and become too soft.
Doing nothing and giving the leather a moderate stimulus is the best maintenance.
The surface is soft and easily scratched because it is not coated, but some scratches will recover naturally if rubbed with a finger. Deep wounds become familiar with aging and change into leather texture.

* A delicate finish is applied so that you can enjoy the original charm of high-quality leather.Therefore, there is a possibility that natural marks such as wrinkles and scratches that originally existed may appear.

The cows that are the source of this leather are grazing and bred so that they can grow healthy without stress.This leather isA delicate finish is applied so that you can enjoy the original charm of high-quality leather.Therefore, wrinkles and scratch marks that originally existedA "living proof (natural mark)" may be engraved.The Natural Mark is a proof of good quality natural leather, and as you use it, it becomes the unique taste of the product.

Rose wound / bloodline


It is a trace of small scratches and insect bites when bumping or fighting.The more you grow up in an environment closer to nature, the more you grow.Depth, length, and size vary depending on the individual.

Blood line

It is often found after blood vessels, especially on the floor.



It is a trace of deep wrinkles that are often seen from around the neck to along the spine.Italian leather is popular because it is said that the more tigers there are, the more beautiful it is.The fiber density around the spine is the highest, and there is no problem with strength.

Color unevenness

Color unevenness

Color unevenness may occur due to differences in fiber density.Due to the unevenness of the leather quality, it is unavoidable as long as the leather is a natural material.
Please note that it is a unique leather personality.

If SYRINX products are used for their original purpose within the scope of common sense, a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase is provided for material and structural defects.
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