TSUTSUMU <br> Card Case
TSUTSUMU <br> Card Case
TSUTSUMU <br> Card Case
TSUTSUMU <br> Card Case
TSUTSUMU <br> Card Case
TSUTSUMU <br> Card Case
TSUTSUMU <br> Card Case

Card Case

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Japanese beauty that "wraps" your heart


Hospitality that wraps an important business card with one piece of leather

In Japan, there is a culture in which important things are carefully wrapped, such as furoshiki, fukusa, and bonito bags used for gifts. Unlike clothes that have holes in their bags, kimonos that are wrapped in cloth and worn on the body are said to wrap around the body. I designed a business card holder from this traditional Japanese aesthetic of "wrapping".
No fasteners, such as thread, metal fittings, or belts, are used. A single piece of fine leather is folded beautifully just like origami, wrapping an important business card.

Solving work that cares about the other party


Carefully wrapped items can be cared for and care for the other party as well. In the business scene, priority should be given to not allowing people to wait in line with each other and removing business cards smoothly with minimal movement.
"TSUTSUMU" can be opened quickly and take out business cards smoothly, taking advantage of the feature without fasteners.
In addition, it is innocent that the brand name stands out with a business card. The emblem is gently engraved on the hidden part of the lid, though it makes it difficult to see the top and bottom of the appearance. When the leather is used, the semi-circular cutout for taking out the business card can be easily felt from the top of the lid, so you can take out the business card smartly while looking at the other party without going down.

Luxury and formal
Leather charm and neat design


For a more formal finish, thinly made leather is preferred for business card holders. However, as they are often used, the beauty of the purchase is lost.
"Because it is an important business card, let's wrap it with the best material."
The leather used for TSUTSUMU has a soft touch that makes you want to touch it all the time. The more you use it, the more beautiful and delicious it changes.
Business card holders made from heavy leather tend to be large and casual, but TSUTSUMU has no stitching, so there is no waste in size and it is almost a business card size compact finish. In addition, it has a formal atmosphere with a perfectly symmetrical neat design.
With exceptional leather and neat design, it has a luxurious yet formal appearance.

7 world design awards

The minimal appearance is highly evaluated, and the world's three major design awards "iF Design Award" and "IDEA2018 (International Design Excellence Awards)"Has been awarded.
In addition,A 'Design Award & Competition 2019'' `` DFA Design for Asia Awards 2019 '' ``The 3rd European Product Design Award""Hospitality Selection 2017""Asia Design Award2018And 7 other crowns at the World Design Awards.


Deepening color gloss, Vachetta leather

"Vaketta manufacturing method" transmitted to the Tuscany region of Italy from the early 9th century. We adopted Tempestee's Elbamat leather, which continues to preserve that tradition. Leather tanned with natural tree tannins and slowly impregnated with oil.

Detailed leather description

Elba mat

Product Specifications

Vachetta leather (cowhide)
Tempesti Elbamatt (Italy)
W.96 x H.62 x D.15
About XNUM X g
Country of origin
Minato-ku, Tokyo (Japan)
Italian Plant Tannin Leather Association Certificate
Patent Office registered design (No. 1595193)

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