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Small thin wallet

Regarding sales schedule

We are planning to carry out crowdfunding at Nikkei Shimbun Future Shopping.
We are planning to offer a limited number of first-come-first-served discounts.
We also plan to launch a monitor sales campaign prior to crowdfunding.

Only the newsletter will pre-deliver detailed information such as the start date and time.If you would like to receive it, please register for the newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Regarding design modification

It was already in the early stages of mass production, but I found some points that I wanted to correct, so I decided to remake it from the die.The big fix is ​​that the width of the wallet will shrink.
There are no major changes in appearance, but product photos will be replaced at a later date.

Completed functional beauty

Minimal design

The highest amount of crowdfunding in Japan for wallets(*)"HITOE® Fold -Liscio-" which established.(* As of 2020.10.12)
The topical work is even moreEasy to use, thin, small, light, strong and beautifulIntroducing the "Aria" series.

With its sophisticated design and exquisite technique, it has been sublimated into a breathtakingly complete functional beauty.

You can choose between right-handed and left-handed.

What is HITOE® FOLD?

Appearance of HITOE Fold Aria
"I want to go out with my hands lightly without having to carry a bag!" The "HITOE®" series was born to fulfill this desire.
"HITOE® FOLD" is an evolution of the HITOE® series that pursues not only "thin" but also "small" wallets.
It was designed in pursuit of a smooth use, high-capacity storage as well as the ultimate in minimalism for a cashless society.

Lightness like air "Aria"

HITOE Fold and hand size comparison

"Aria" means "Air" in Italian.It also means lyrical dokushouka in opera and religious music.
It's thin, light, and doesn't feel like air.Still, it is beautiful and full of originality, that is the "Aria" series.

For "Aria", use thin leather "solid paste (entire surface glue)".
With the technique that is said to be the best luxury of leather products, two thinly strained leathers are stuck together to make it stronger, lighter and thinner.

The outer leather is white waxed, and the white powder is a wax called bloom.The more you use it, the more the wax on the surface rubs and penetrates, giving a transparent look.
The interior leather is the same color leather that has not been waxed.When opened, it has a beautiful gradation with the exterior.

agingMisty Black aging example

"HITOE® (single) structure" that stands out thinness

Wallets become thicker because cards and coins overlap. The solution to this problem is HITOE® (single) structure. It is significantly thinner than a traditional wallet without stacking cards and coins.
Only 4 to 5 pieces of leather overlap.
Even if you store 5 banknotes, 10 coins, and 5 cards, it is only 10 mm.It is overwhelmingly thin.

HITOE Fold perspective viewLean layout

7 thoughtful ease of use

Not just thinness and compactness. We are particular about the smart feeling.

XNUMX Patent application flap

We invented a unique way to hang the triangular leather at the top right of the flap on the card to be stored.
It works as a clasp and at the same time prevents the card from accidentally falling out.

Original flap
Triangle fastener on top right of flap
Closed flap
Prevents sudden card drops

XNUMX sandwich it with leather, that's it.

Simple appearance just sandwiched between leather. The clasp doesn't stick out and doesn't snag in your pocket. No metal is used at all, so you don't have to worry about damaging your clothes or cards.

HITOE Fold upright
Constructed only with leather without using any hardware

XNUMX Quick opening / closing

One action of bending the border between the card and the coin in a "<" shape makes it easy to release the flap clasp.
When opened, coins, bills, and cards can all be handled at the same time for a quick checkout.

HITOE Fold upright
Bend into a "dogleg" to open and close smoothly

XNUMX Banknotes as they are

Just insert the bill without folding it.It has high visibility and is easy to take out.The bill holder has a beautifully continuous shape with flowing edges.Not only can it be taken in and out smoothly without getting caught from the side, but it is also easy to put in and out from the vertical, and we are particular about ease of use.

Can be taken in and out smoothly without touching the bill holder

XNUMX Cards go smoothly

The bottom right corner of the card pocket is cut out to hang the flap clasp. This allows for smooth card access. It also allows your fingers to go deeper into the back of the card for easy gripping.

Inserting and removing cards
Easy to insert and remove cards from the corner

XNUMX. Shallow coin pocket

A deep coin pocket makes it harder to find and get rid of coins, while HITOE®'s shallow coin pockets make it easier to find and get the coins you need. You can close the flap to prevent coins from spilling out.

Shallow and easy to use coin pocket
999 yen worth (15) coin pocket enough to put

XNUMX Hard to lose shape

If the stitching allowance is large, it will be easy to lose shape, but HITOE FOLD"Has only a very small binding margin.Therefore, it is a wallet that does not easily lose its shape.

HITOE Fold viewed from the front
Lean minimal shape

Commitment to Made in TOKYO

High precision is required for the minimal design of SYRINX.For this reason, SYRINX's commitment is carefully realized at domestic workshops with high technical capabilities related to solid pasting, rather than mass production at factories.
In addition, the edge (cross section of leather) is polished, and the edges are finely lined with a heated iron, and attention is paid to every detail without compromise.
From design to die-cutting and sewing, everything is done in Tokyo, and we deliver the world-class Made in TOKYO quality.

HITOE Fold stampPursuing simplicity, the engraving is hidden under the card
HITOE Fold stampBeautiful edge treatment
Bill holderPrecise sewing

Intellectual Property Protection Initiatives

"HITOE Fold -Aria-" has obtained three design registrations in Japan and has applied for one patent.In addition, we have filed many international applications with a view to global expansion.

The joy of opening the box

It will be delivered in a special just-sized gift box that can be used for storage. It makes a great gift.

Perfectly sized makeup box

Omotenashi Selection 2020


The HITOE® FOLD series is highly regarded for its sublimation of Japan's unique culture and aesthetics into a simple design.Omotenashi Selection 2020"Was selected.

~ What is the Omotenashi Selection ~
Japanese hospitality quality chosen by judges from around the world.
This award is given to the excellent hospitality products that represent Japan, born from the delicate care and skill of a master craftsman.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: About W.90 x H.91 x D.10mm
     When storing 5 banknotes, 10 coins, and 5 cards
Maximum capacity: 15 banknotes, 15 coins, 6 cards
Product weight: Approximately 30 g
Leather: Italian leather (Tempesti)
Production: Japan

* Be careful not to drop the cards or coins in use.
* For product warranty and handling precautionshereplease look at
* The product photos shown are the initial lots not for sale.The products for sale are even smaller in width. (Product photos will be replaced at a later date)

"AriaFor "", use thin leather "solid paste (entire surface glue)".
With the technique that is said to be the best luxury of leather products, two thinly strained leathers are stuck together to make it stronger, lighter and thinner.
Two thin leather pieces do not float or bend when bent, It takes a lot of experience and skill to make it look like it is just one. 
Since no core material is used, the characteristics of the leather change significantly in units of 0.1 mm.In addition, depending on the combination of leather to be pasted together, the feeling of tension will differ from soft texture to strong elasticity.

Specifications are determined by repeating trial and error with various materials and thicknesses.

About aging

The leather used for the outer leather is tannin tanned double shoulder leather with white wax processing, and the white powder is wax called bloom.The more you use it, the more the wax on the surface rubs and penetrates, giving a transparent look.
The interior leather is the same color leather that has not been waxed.With a fine grained surface, it creates a beautiful gradation with the exterior when opened.

The shoulder is also a part that contains lots of rose scratches, uneven color, blood streaks and tigers (wrinkles), and you can enjoy the expression unique to natural leather.
No oil or wax is required, so no maintenance is required.

Sybilla Greige Misty Greige
Sybilla Ash Misty Ash
Sybilla Iris Misty Iris
Sybilla ChocolateMisty Chocolate
Sybilla navyMisty Navy
Sybilla Black Misty Black

Compared to HITOE® Fold -Liscio --, -Aria- is new.

1 Thin and durable
By making the thickness of the leather as thin as possible and laminating the silver surface, the durability is improved and the leather is significantly thinner than before.It weighs only about 30g.

Use condition viewed from an angleLeft: Liscio Right: Aria

2 Addition of bill holder
A bill holder that has received many requests.Added a bill holder with beautifully continuous edge lines.
The stitches on the right side of the triangle, which are the most stressful during use, have been eliminated, improving durability.

Use condition viewed from an angleLeft: Liscio Right: Aria

3 Smooth inside
All parts up to the inside are solid.Both sides are silver (leather surface), making it easy to put in and take out banknotes.

Use condition viewed from an angleAll the inside is also solid finish

4 even smaller
The size that was small has been reduced by 2 mm in width and 2 mm in length.

Palm sizePalm size

5 Left-handed specifications
We will release the left-handed specification that has been requested by many people.

The cattle are grazed on the ranch so that they can grow healthy without stress. The cow is engraved with the "living proof (natural mark)" on the leather.
・ Scratch: Original skin scars, scratches and spots.
-Uneven color: The fiber density and thickness are different. Occurs depending on lots and parts.
Blood line: A streak pattern in which traces of blood vessels immediately below become dark.
・ Tiger: Streaky stripes at places where wrinkles tend to come close, such as near the neck
Usually, these are often hidden by embossing and pigments, in which case the original texture of leather is lost.
The finish that makes use of the base material like this leather may have natural marks, but you can enjoy the original texture of leather.
The Natural Mark is a proof of good quality natural leather, and we ask that you acknowledge it as the unique character of the product.

傷 Stain Blood line Wrinkle

(Scratches, uneven color, blood lines, wrinkles)

If SYRINX products are used for their original purpose within the scope of common sense, a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase is provided for material and structural defects.
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