Ezo deer leather speaker "LOG" exhibited at Daimaru Tokyo store

LOG", a speaker made from the leather of exterminated Ezo sika deer, is on display at Daimaru Tokyo Store on the 9th floor from today, March 11 to March 16, 2020.

This is an event where visitors can deepen their understanding of social products and actually purchase them, amidst the growing interest in the SDGs. The products are on display and for sale as past winners of the "Social Products Award.


In addition to LOG, there were many other interesting products on display.
The photo below shows a bag made by connecting pull tabs of aluminum cans.


An espresso cup that can be eaten as a cookie.


A beer tumbler made from reused wood from thinning, paper, and malt waste. It seems to create fine bubbles.


Barley straws made of natural materials.


If you are in the vicinity of Tokyo Station, we hope you will stop by.