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Article: Domestic new record Small "thin wallet" HITOE FOLD


Domestic new record Small "thin wallet" HITOE FOLD

Small [thin wallet] HITOE Fold

Small "thin wallet" HITOE FOLD

Achieving domestic records / pre-order sales

The crowdfunding of "HITOE FOLD" was supported by more than 1,200 people in just a few minutes from the start of 2/8 0:00.
In the morning, the 2,000 people we prepared were sold out, so we added a return (product).
The highest amount of crowdfunding in Japan for wallets was updated in just eight days (44.74 million yen).
Then, in 18 days, the production volume for one year (3,500 pieces / 51,795,439 yen) was sold out, leaving 63 days for the holding period and ending early.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support beyond your imagination.

In order to respond to the voices of those who wish to make new reservations, we will accept reservations on this site after that. (Planned production in February 2021 ~)
We will do our best to deliver it as soon as possible, and we ask for your continued support.

About production volume

The production of this product is limited because highly skilled craftsmen carefully sew each item one by one.

The 4.5mm part of 3 layers of leather is also stitched with a binding margin of only 2mm. Also, due to its unique three-dimensional shape, it is necessary to sew while flattening the bulging part. If the leather is thick, the floor is oily and it is difficult to temporarily fix the parts. These challenges were overcome by Japanese leather craftsmen with high technical skills and craftsmanship.

If we mass-produce it at overseas factories, we can deliver it to as many people as possible quickly, but in order to do so, we must compromise on detail and quality. That is not the direction that SYRINX is aiming for.

The situation may continue for a while until delivery. However, everyone's understanding supports SYRINX's commitment.
We will do our best to deliver it as soon as possible, and we appreciate your understanding.

Small [thin wallet] HITOE Fold

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