What is more important than profit

SYRINX has fully completed its withdrawal from Yahoo Shopping last year, from Rakuten Market in January 2020, and today, from Amazon, which we started in January.

These three major malls represent approximately 80% of SYRINX's FY 2019 ecommerce sales (excluding Clafan), so this decision required a great deal of courage.

However, in major malls, products are displayed alongside heavily discounted products and other products. Also, product pages are cluttered.

We came to this decision based on the judgment that there are more important things for the "SYRINX" brand to establish social trust and recognition in the future than short- and medium-term profits.

Going forward, we will further accelerate our design thinking from the user's perspective, taking advantage of the benefits of D2C. Your voices will make our products. We would very much appreciate your valuable opinions and feedback.

We will continue to strive to meet your expectations.