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Article: Featured in Nikkei Design


Featured in Nikkei Design

In the latest issue of Nikkei Design (May 2020), SYRINX's efforts were introduced in a 4-page feature article.
Nikkei Design is not sold in bookstores, but it is a magazine with rich content on product and advertising design.
It is usually available only by subscription, but can also be purchased separately from the following website

日経デザイン2020年5月号 28-29p

日経デザイン2020年5月号 30-31p

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What is more important than profit

SYRINX has fully completed its withdrawal from Yahoo Shopping last year, from Rakuten Market in January 2020, and today, from Amazon, which we started in January. These three major malls represen...

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MUSUBU キーケース Foschiaを新発売-SYRINX

New release of MUSUBU key case Foschia

New Products MUSUBU Key Case New collection of popular key cases! Foschia" with a misty look Foschia" is the Italian word for "fog". The more you use it, the more the white wax rubs off and ...

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