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Article: What SYRINX aims for in D2C


What SYRINX aims for in D2C

Thanks to various sales channels such as wholesale, store sales, Amazon, Makuake, Campfire, and Future Shopping, SYRINX has been able to develop its business.

However, we have been gradually converting to pure D2C (Direct to Consumer). This year, we have completed it and have gone fully D2C, consolidating our sales to our own e-commerce site only.
We will explain the reason for this once again.

SYRINX's goal with D2C is to sell a large number of products.
It is not to sell a large number of products. In fact, withdrawing from malls and various platforms is a major negative for sales.
Even so, the reason why we aim for complete D2C is because we want our customers to use our products for a long time, not just sell them and be done with them.
The excitement of receiving a product, the surprise of using it for the first time, and the attachment that deepens the more you use it.
The best way to help you achieve this is to connect directly with each customer and contact them directly at the right time with the necessary information according to the contents of their order.

In wholesale or store sales, you can't even keep track of who has bought from you.
The limited information and functionality of malls and platforms make it difficult to provide detailed support.
By consolidating all orders to our official website and centralizing information, we can connect directly with all of our customers.

We will continue to do our best to ensure that you like and use SYRINX and its products.
Thank you for your continued support.

SYRINX Representative Hirotaka Sato

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