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Article: 3rd SYRINX Humanitarian Donation


3rd SYRINX Humanitarian Donation

SYRINX Humanitarian Relief Donation " started on 2022.3.23. From 6.1 to 7.31, we have received 45,326 yen.

Today, we donated the entire amount to the Japanese Red Cross Society's Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Relief Fund.

The history of your support is: 2022
.03.23 141,708 yen (Embassy of Ukraine)
2022.06.01 65,793 yen

(Japanese Red

Cross Society) 2022.08.19 45,326 yen (Japanese Red Cross Society)
The total amount

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.
Thank you for your continued support.

SYRINX Humanitarian Donation

SYRINX is conducting fundraising activities as "SYRINX Humanitarian Relief Fund". (
All the collected money will be donated to the Embassy of Ukraine or the Red Cross. We will inform you of the recipient of the donation and other details as they become available.

We sincerely hope that this critical situation will be resolved and peace will return soon.

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