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Article: Everywhere Showroom Revision


Everywhere Showroom Revision

In order to reduce the burden on our customers, we have revised the usage of " Showroom Anywhere ".

1 Return deadline changed from "Shipped within 10 days" to "Must arrive within 14 days.

2 Return shipping notification (shipping company and slip number) is no longer required.

3 Implementation of the "#TrySyrinx" campaign to waive shipping costs for shipments.

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What SYRINX aims for in D2C

Thanks to various sales channels such as wholesale, store sales, Amazon, Makuake, Campfire, and Future Shopping, SYRINX has been able to develop its business. However, we have been gradually conve...

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世界三大デザイン賞を制覇 & 世界のデザイン賞 通算25冠

Conquered the world's three major design awards & 25 world design awards in total

SYRINX has won all of the world's three major design awards, the iF design award, the red dot design award, and the IDEA award, bringing its total to 25 design awards worldwide. In particular...

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