Received 4 crowns "MUSE Design Awards" and "ePDA"

The Hitoe® Fold Aria wallet, which pursues unprecedented thinness and usability, won the Silver of the MUSE Design Awards 2021 and the Honorable Mention of the European Product Design Awards 2021.

The MUSE Design Awards are international design awards created to foster and promote design "muses" that take design evolution to the next level, and are sponsored by the International Award Associate (USA).
(This award-winning trophy in the photo.)

The European Product Design Award (ePDA) is designed to evaluate products that are beautifully designed and enrich our lives. The selection criteria are items such as novelty, beauty, functionality, and sustainability.

This is the fourth Hitoe® Fold Aria award, following the “ Omotenashi Selection 2021” and “K-DESIGN AWARD 2021”.