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Article: Notice of Price Revision


Notice of Price Revision

In order to encourage more people to use our products, we have revised (lowered) the prices of some of our products.
We are sorry for the inconvenience to those who have already purchased our products, but we would like to ask for your continued patronage.

Hitoe Fold (old) 19,800 yen → (new) 17,600 yen
Mekuru Pen Case (old) 5,500 yen → (new) 4,950 yen
Musubu Key Case (old) 1,540 yen → (new) 1,320 yen

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4冠「MUSE Design Awards」「ePDA」を受賞

Received 4 crowns "MUSE Design Awards" and "ePDA"

Hitoe® Fold Aria " was awarded Silver in the MUSE Design Awards 2021 and Honorable Mention in the European Product Design Awards 2021. The MUSE Design Awards are international design awards create...

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ANA Tsubasa no Oukoku - Present Project

In a tie-up with ANA, we are running a campaign to give away a Hitoe Fold Aria by drawing lots from those who answer a questionnaire in our in-flight magazine "Tsubasa no Okoku". You can view the m...

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