Hitoe L-zip L locus

This is the third generation of Hitoe L-zip L. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the trajectory of Hitoe L-zip L to date.

Ver. 1 (2018)

SYRINX wallets began with this first generation L-zip L.
Sato, the producer of SYRINX, was using other long wallets at the time, but was concerned about their thickness and was looking for a thinner long wallet. However, all of them were only thin in construction and became thicker when they were filled with coins. There were no thin long wallets that could hold a full amount of money, including coins.
Then, I decided to make my own ideal wallet!
I designed the first Hitoe L-zip L.
When we announced it on Makuake, we immediately received over 700 reservations. At a future shopping event held later, the number of reservations exceeded 1,500, making it the largest ever crowdfunded wallet in Japan at that time.

Hitoe L-zip L-v1

Ver.2 (2020)

The second generation L-zip L was inspired by the short wallet L-zip S that was released before that.
The shallow coin pocket of the L-zip S with double zippers received no negative feedback and many positive comments about how easy it was to use, despite our prior concerns.
Then it hit us.
If the coin pocket of the long wallet was made shallow as well, and the multi-pocket was changed to a card pocket, the card storage capacity would be doubled.
The second generation L-zip L was born and received more reservations than the previous version through crowdfunding on Makuake.

Hitoe L-zip L-v2

Ver. 3 (2021)

The second generation L-zip L underwent minor changes and became more complete, but had to be slightly larger in size.
third generation L-zip L was redesigned from the ground up
with the idea that "bloating to add functionality is not the direction we are aiming for.

We have added a number of new innovations, aiming to create the thinnest and smallest L-zip long wallet in Japan. It can hold up to 20 cards.

We are currently holding a crowdfunding campaign.

Hitoe L-zip L-v3