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Article: Opened "Mottainai Market".


Opened "Mottainai Market".

mottainai market

Giving form to "Mottainai" (What a waste)

Aiming for a recycling-oriented society without waste, SYRINX offers products that cannot be sold as regular items due to their characteristic leather quality, discontinued products, etc. "Mottainai Market Mottainai Market The "MOTTAINAI MARKET" has been opened.

This initiative is based on the idea of "mottainai," which is the starting point of SYRINX's small leather goods.

Hitoe® Fold Aria & Less - Foschia

As the first step, Hitoe® Fold Aria & Less - Foschia as the first product to be marketed.

Foschia has a tendency to wrinkle on the surface when the leather is bent due to the effect of wax. We are offering a special price at the Mottainai Market for those with particularly pronounced wrinkles.

Example of about one month of use

The wrinkles are very noticeable when you first purchase the item, but as you use it more and more, it will be covered with a glossy finish and its appearance will gradually become more subdued.

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About half. Reason for thinness

Small thin long wallets are becoming increasingly popular these days. So we would like to reintroduce SYRINX'ssmall thin long wallet Hitoe® L-zip L.

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Hitoe® Quartet & Sextet 先行予約終了

Hitoe® Quartet & Sextet pre-orders end

Pre-orders for the new Hitoe® Quartet & Hitoe® Sextet closed on October 17, and we have received over 211 orders in total. Thank you very much for your interest.

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