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Article: About half. Reason for thinness


About half. Reason for thinness

Small thin long wallets are becoming increasingly popular these days.
So we would like to reintroduce the Hitoe® L-zip L, a small thin long wallet from SYRINX .

The thinness of the wallet is eye-catching.

The width of the Hitoe® L-zip L small thin long wallet is 17 cm, about the same as a 10,000 yen bill.
However, the key to its popularity among many customers is not its width but its thinness.

When 10 cards are stored, it is about 9mm thick.
Even when 20 cards are stored, it is only about 13mm thick.
Let's take a closer look at the reason for this eye-catching thinness.

Thickness when 10 cards are stored

Cards are stacked on top of each other, making it thicker.

When cards are lined up side by side, they all overlap in the center of the wallet. In addition, there is a leather divider between the cards, which adds to the overlap of the leather.
This does not make the wallet thinner.

Side by side, all cards overlap in the center

Thinner, by about half

The two card pockets of the small, thin Hitoe® L-zip L long wallet do not overlap at all. (Design registered.)
Therefore, the thickness of the cards is halved. The thickness of the cards is halved, and the leather overlaps only four cards.
As a result, the wallet is approximately half as thick as it would be if the cards were arranged in a horizontal row.

Separately arranged in two places (design registered)

Comfort brought by thinness

All SYRINX wallets are designed to be thin.
We believe that thin wallets are comfortable, easy to use, and most importantly, beautiful.
The Hitoe® L-zip L, a small, thin long wallet, maintains its beautiful silhouette without changing its shape.

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