LiscioSeries leather changes

So farLiscioThe series used only ELBAMATT from Tempesti, Italy, but we would like to inform you that we will change the leather supply system.
The raw leather used for leather is a by-product of the meat processing process.However, in recent years, due to the shortening of the breeding period, the calorie content of the feed has tended to increase, and the deterioration of the leather quality of the raw leather has become noticeable at each company.On the other hand, along with the expansion of SYRINX's business, the amount of leather used is also expanding rapidly.
In order to secure stable quality leather, we plan to supply leather from multiple tanners in the future.At the same time, we will change the existing color lineup and color code.

In addition to Tempesti, new hires are planned
Badalassi Carlo
Conceria 800
Lo Stivale
It becomes.
All of them, including Tempesti, are tanners that produce the highest quality Vacetta leather.
Since the characteristics of each company's leather are different, we plan to identify the appropriate leather for each product and use it properly.Specifications such as floor treatment methods will also be partially changed.

At the same time, the color composition and color name will change.
In particular, each productFragolaとLattugaWill be gradually discontinued and will be out of stock.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.