TSUTSUMU Card Case --Aria -


Achieved 7 domestic and international design awards,
"TSUTSUMU Card Case" is the origin of SYRINX leather items.
The masterpiece is even more beautiful and sophisticated, the smallest in the world(*)became.
(* As a leather business card holder that holds 91x55mm business cards in vertical and horizontal sizes, according to our research on September 2020.9.26, XNUMX)

In addition, since the dominant arm greatly affects usability, we will release a left-handed model at the same time.

What is the Aria series?

"Aria" means "Air" in Italian. Also,It also means a lyrical solo song in opera and religious music.
It's thin, light, and doesn't feel like air.Still, it is beautiful and full of originality, that is the "Aria" series.

"AriaFor "", use thin leather "solid paste (entire surface glue)".
With the technique that is said to be the best luxury of leather products, two thinly strained leathers are glued together to make it stronger, lighter and thinner.The inside is also silver, which makes it easy to put in and take out without getting caught.

Aria series birth secret story

SYRINX's leather items started to make effective use of the Vacetta leather scraps used for the speakers.
For this reason, pre-Aria products have been particular about using the leather as it is thick.
And one company that outsourced the production was a long-established leather workshop that specializes in making precise products that make use of "solid pasting".
"I want to create products that take advantage of Japan's superior technological capabilities."
This precious connection was the catalyst for product development with that feeling.
Since no core material is used, the characteristics of the leather change significantly in units of 0.1 mm.またAlsoto paste togetherDepending on the combination of leather, the tension is different, from soft texture to strong elasticity.By the time the specifications were decided, we repeated trial and error with various materials and thicknesses.

TSUTSUMU, the origin of SYRINX leather items.
From the new "TSUTSUMU", SYRINX will evolve to a new stage. 

Sales schedule

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