To the completed functional beauty

Minimal design

The highest amount of crowdfunding in Japan for wallets(*)"HITOE® Fold -Liscio-" which established.(* As of 2020.10.12)
The topical work has become even easier to use, thinner, smaller, lighter, stronger, and more beautiful, and is now available in the "Aria" series.

With its sophisticated design and exquisite technique, it has been sublimated into a breathtakingly complete functional beauty.

We will also release a left-handed model that has been requested by many.

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Lightness like air "Aria"

HITOE Fold and hand size comparison

"Aria" means "Air" in Italian.It also means lyrical dokushouka in opera and religious music.
It's thin, light, and doesn't feel like air.Still, it is beautiful and full of originality, that is the "Aria" series.

For "Aria", use thin leather "solid paste (entire surface glue)".
With the technique that is said to be the best luxury of leather products, two thinly strained leathers are stuck together to make it stronger, lighter and thinner.

The outside is white waxed leather, and the white powder is wax called bloom.The more you use it, the more the wax on the surface rubs and penetrates, giving a transparent look.

HITOE Fold perspective view
Lean layout

Regarding sales schedule

The specific release date, sales method, price, etc. will be announced at a later date.(There is a possibility of conducting campaigns such as pre-sale.)
We will inform you in the newsletter, so if you would like to receive it, please register for the newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Regarding design modification

It was already in the early stages of mass production, but I found some points that I wanted to correct, so I decided to remake it from the die.The big fix is ​​that the width of the wallet will shrink.
There are no major changes in appearance, but product photos will be replaced at a later date.