New leather Lo Stivale

The Liscio series leather specifications have been changed the other day, but the first is Lo Stivale.HITOE FOLDBordeaux color arrives first.

Tanner Lo Stivale, which produces only Vacetta leather.It is a tanner with a proven track record in the industry as the three families of tanned leather (Badarassi, Lo Stivale, Tempesti) in Santa Croce, Italy.
Although it is not well known in Japan, it is a tanner that I found by chance when I searched for leather for HITOE FOLD that could replace Elba Mat.
Compared to Elba Mat, it has a stronger and firmer image.Therefore, the leather on the outside is about 1.7 to 1.8 mm, and the leather on the inside is about 1.0 mm, which is thinner than before, and the overall impression is a little slimmer.

In addition, the specifications have been slightly improved in line with the change in leather.
The back side has a polished finish to reduce catching when inserting banknotes.The dyeing is through the core (leather dyed to the inside of the leather), and the back of the thinly strained leather is dyed beautifully.

Bordeaux will be sold in limited quantities of about 40 pieces.It will be in stock soon, so if you wish to purchase it, we recommend that you register for a restock notification.

The second arrival is scheduled for Natural using Conceria 800 leather.