AriaAbout series development XNUMX

The new series announced the other day "Aria』.
Thank you very much for your prompt response.
This time, I would like to tell you one of the "SYRINX commitments".

The beautiful tooth pattern in the photo is "HITOE FOLD - Aria -] Was created for mass production.5 types in total.
We ask a very good mold shop in Taito Ward for our tooth molds, and the accuracy is excellent technology.
However, we only made one test production for each color, but unfortunately we decided to discontinue use.

Adjustment of only about 1 mm in each place.However, "1mm" can never be compromised.

That is "SYRINX's commitment".
It is not just an update, but a strong commitment to materials and detailed design in order to create more evolved and higher quality products.
Returning to the beginning, from the trial production, we are proud of our pursuit of this commitment.

We want to deliver the best products to our customers.
We want you to fully enjoy the best craftsmanship.

We believe that products that accumulate such "stickiness" will satisfy the feelings of designers, craftsmen, customers, and everyone involved in the product.
In addition, the products that have been sharpened by the pursuit of commitment have come to wear "dignified air", which is similar to the moment when an architect was able to create a convincing architecture.

As a person involved in manufacturing, we can say with confidence that it is the highest quality.Aria"series.
With this announcement, I feel that we are one step closer to the manufacturing we are aiming for.