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Article: ITOYA Helvetica 3in1 Multifunctional Pen


ITOYA Helvetica 3in1 Multifunctional Pen

Since the Hasamu A4 can only hold one pen, many people prefer to use a multifunction pen, and the Helvetica 3in1 is a multifunction pen with a slim 8.8 mm shaft diameter that can switch between 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, black, red, and two-color ballpoint pen functions.

The body of the Helvetica 3in1 is made of brass. It looks a little light, but it is rigid enough.
The design is simple, with an elegant matte finish.
When in use, the nib has little play, and the rattling that is common in multifunction pens is not a concern.
However, the clinking sound of the nib when it is swung and the feel of the knock button leave a cheap impression.
Structurally, a knock-type multifunction pen may not be able to avoid the clattering sound. Compared to the rotary type, the built-in pendulum makes a crashing sound unavoidable. Even the Lamy 2000, an excellent pen of similar construction, has a sound when shaken.

Switching between pens is easy, as all you have to do is put the pen you want to switch to on top and knock.
In addition, refills are D1 standard, so they can be converted to Mitsubishi's Jetstream or any other writing style you prefer.

849 Fits in the pen holder

The biggest advantage of this pen is that it is a multi-functional pen with a thinner shaft than a regular pen, so it can be smoothly inserted and removed from the Hasamu A4 pen holder.
The design is also simple and lean, making
this multifunctional pen a perfect companion for the Hasamu A4


Helvetica 3in1

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