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Article: rOtring 600 3in1 multifunction pen


rOtring 600 3in1 multifunction pen

Since the Hasamu A4 can only hold one pen, many people would like to use a multifunctional pen. Among the many multifunction pens available, the rOtring 600 3in1 is a particularly high-quality multifunction pen with three switchable functions: 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, black, red, and two-color ballpoint pen.

The rOtring 600 is rOtring's signature functional product, and its distinctive hexagonal body has become synonymous with rOtring.
The body is made of brass. Although it is a multifunctional pen, its rigidity and weight convey a sense of robustness.
Even when in use, there is absolutely no rattling, which is common in multifunctional pens. There is no clattering sound when you shake it, and you can enjoy writing with a sense of stability.
The knurling on the grip is delicate and integrated with the barrel to prevent slipping. The knurling on the grip is delicate and prevents the pen from slipping, while the body of the pen is made of a single part, eliminating the tendency for the pen to rattle and ensuring a stable writing experience.

The drawbacks of multi-function pens are solved by the precision full-metal body, one-piece construction, and thick weight.

849 Delicate knurling

The twist knob for switching functions is also rotolated. It is firmly fingered, but a bit stiff, and we would have liked the switching to be a bit smoother.
The black matte baked finish, which is rough to the touch, is very beautiful.

849 Delicate knurling

The drawback when using with Hasamu A4 is that the 3in1 has a thicker shaft than the other 600 series due to its multifunctionality. The hexagonal part is over 10 mm (*actual measurement 10.8 mm), and combined with the rough painted finish, it is quite tight to insert the pen into and out of the pen holder.
It is better not to put the clip washer in the holder as shown in the photo, because if you put it in up to the clip part, you may pull out the twist knob by mistake and separate the body.
This is one of the most attractive multi-functional pens, but in combination with the Hasamu A4, a more slender pen can be used more smoothly.

849 Fits into pen holder

The refill is D1 standard, so it can be converted to Mitsubishi's Jetstream or any other writing style you prefer.

rOtring 600 3in1

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