CROSS Tech3+

The CROSS Tech3+ is a multifunctional pen with three switchable functions: 0.5mm mechanical pencil, black, red, and two-color ballpoint pen, plus a stylus part for tablets.

The shaft diameter is slim, approximately 10 mm, and just fits into the Hasamu A4 pen holder. The orthodox design and matte surface finish are elegant and luxurious. There is no clattering sound when shaking it, which is common in multi-functional pens. The weight is well balanced, and you can write comfortably without stress.

The nib is rotatable. The response is not bad, but the rotation is in one direction, the rotation is a little hard, and the clicking sound is a little annoying. Many reviews are critical of this point, but if you turn it in the opposite direction, it does not turn at all, but stops with the nib retracted. Once you get used to it, you can use it to your advantage and ensure that the nib is retracted. It is probably designed for this kind of use, and is very practical.

Hasamu A4 fits perfectly in the pen holder. There is a bump in the center of the pen holder, so the pen holder may be a bit stuck when inserting it.

It is one of the multifunctional pens that go well with Hasamu A4.

849 Fitting into the pen holder

The refill is D1 standard, so it can be replaced with Mitsubishi's Jetstream or other pens with your favorite writing style.

CROSS Tech3+

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