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Paper airplane and POWERUP DART template

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Template for "POWERUP DART," a paper airplane that can be piloted by yourself

POWERUP DART", a paper airplane controlled with a smartphone
child's dream comes true: a paper airplane made by yourself that can be controlled freely with a smartphone. item. If you fold the included kit well, it will fly properly. However, it is difficult to adjust and balance, and the worst that can happen is that the gift is a good one, but it doesn't fly well and discourages the child.

We have developed a "template for easy and stable flight," a strong ally in such cases.
We are distributing it free of charge, so please take advantage of it.

The features of this template are as follows:
・Safe (low-speed) and stable flight.
Gentle ascent at full throttle. Continuous flight is possible until the battery runs out.
The fuselage is fixed in a slightly V-shape, which improves overall rigidity despite its light weight.
Please glue the fuselage so that the wings point upward slightly. ( The upward lean angle stabilizes the flight.)
・Do not tape the stabilizer so that its position can be adjusted.
Important] The main body is simply clipped on with the clip at the tip. No taping is required.
The "Center of Gravity" line is a theoretical value. Adjust the stabilizer so that the center of gravity of the airplane (the point where the front and rear masses are balanced) is in the vicinity of this line. When attaching wheels, it is often possible to achieve balance by attaching the stabilizer a little forward of the "Center of Gravity" line. (This is just for reference as the condition changes with the weight of the paper)
・ Lift
the trailing edge of the wing slightly.
- Use A4 thick paper (print size: 100% )

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