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¥ 162,000
* Made to order. At present, orders have been discontinued due to new specification changes.

It is highly valued for sublimating Japan's unique culture and aesthetics into simple designs.Hospitality Selection 2017"Was selected.

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Products and services that can contribute to society through products and participate in building a better societySocial Products Award 2018 Special Award `` Design ''Was awarded.

The clear sound of soft leather

Two speakers made of soft leather named "LOG (log)" create a clear sound unexperienced. The clear sound naturally spreads throughout the space, just like a musical instrument, and is filled with the sense of being as if you were playing in front of your eyes.
No matter where you put it, you can choose the listening point, create the best BGM environment in the living room, cafe, office, hotel, etc.

《Latest Technology X Traditional Technique》

Leather that has been precisely machined with the latest laser cutter is hand-sewn by SYRINX's skilled craftsmen, a traditional technique of sewing harnesses in Europe called couture serie (saddle stitch). Each needle is carefully tightened and has a beautiful finish. Hand sewing differs from sewing in that two threads independently support the leather stitching, so if one of the threads breaks, the other thread will firmly support the leather stitching and will not fray. There is none.

《To achieve the best sound》

SYRINX's unique technology (patented) such as a leather enclosure and tension anchor has been integrated into this small body.
Plays realistic sound from small to full range from small caliber full range unit.

1. Soft leather enclosure

Conventional speakers with hard bodies such as wood and metal are strongly affected by incidental sounds due to resonance and reverberation. The "leather enclosure" made of leather is as soft as skin. It is flexible, has no resonance at a specific frequency, and has good impulse response, so there is no reverberation, high sound insulation prevents internal sound leakage, and a delicate and clear sound with almost no incidental sound.

2. Original floating mount (patented technology)

The speaker unit is a proprietary floating mount that does not use screws or adhesives, vibration-insulated from the enclosure, and polished for sound clarity.
The tension anchor that pulls the speaker unit down increases the adhesion of the speaker unit and prevents internal sound leakage. At the same time, the micro vibration caused by the reaction force of the diaphragm is suppressed, and the responsiveness to minute sound is increased.
Tension anchors are lighter, thinner, and do not impede the progress of sound waves inside, compared to weight and anchors.

3.Amazing high sound quality amplifier

The digital amplifier "ECO" which plays a powerful low tone without distortion and a clear mid-high tone without noise is attached. 1 hours a day, the monthly electricity bill is only 24 yen (1W, 0.05 days, 30 yen / kWh). With power less than the standby power of conventional amplifiers, it reproduces from treble sounds to powerful bass sounds.
Elements that degrade sound quality, such as filters and tone controls, have been thoroughly eliminated, specializing only in linearly amplifying the sound source. The power supply can use the USB port around you.


Model number
Ezo deer leather vegetable tanned tanned
Sound absorbing material
Natural wool
Less than 0.15% (1W load 4Ω 1kHz)
SN ratio
Above 90dB
USB (5V)
3.5mm stereo mini jack
Approximately 9cm in diameter approximately 23.5cm in height
約 1.6kg
付 属 品
USB-DC cable
Two speaker connection cables
Patent Office Patent (No. 6251926)

  • International shipping is not accepted.
  • The price is the price of one set of two speakers and the amplifier.
  • Product images are images. It may be slightly different from the actual product. Please note.
  • This is an order-made product that starts production after receiving an order. It takes about 30 days to deliver the product.
  • Not for high output. If the input signal is too loud, it may cause sound cracking. In that case, reduce the input signal or volume.
  • Because natural leather is dyed using dye, there are scratches, wrinkles, and spots. There are differences in color depending on the production time.
  • USB AC adapter is not included.

Leather that protects a sustainable forest environment

Sika deer leather

Ezo deer leather in Hokkaido promoted by more trees, which is represented by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto.
Ezo deer, which inhabit the whole of Hokkaido, have strong fertility and are increasing until forest vegetation is completely destroyed. Therefore, in recent years, more than XNUMX are caught every year.

Even though it has been recognized as a game in recent years, wild deer, unlike livestock, has uneven supply, many issues such as slaughter, distribution and sales, and it is difficult to make effective use of it.
In particular, leather is discarded because it is hardly used effectively because of shot marks, difficulty in processing, and wounds in the wild.
Currently, deer leather distributed in Japan is imported, cultivated in China, New Zealand and Australia, and accounts for as much as 98%.
Ezo deer leather must be started by tanning the leather, which is costly, laborious, and unstable, making it difficult to mass produce.

Captured deer are also allowed to be buried if they are difficult to take home or bring to a slaughterhouse. However, if the bear smells the smell, it can dig even deep holes. The increasing number of bears appearing in Japan in recent years is not unrelated to the increase in deer populations and their lack of effective use.

We, who have taken the natural enemy wolf for our own sake, have the responsibility to preserve, respect and use the life of Ezo deer, the blessing of the great nature of Hokkaido.
From that, I came up with the idea of ​​using sika deer leather for speakers.
We thank Ezo deer for their lives in order to protect a sustainable forest environment, and we create this speaker to expand the new potential of Ezo deer leather.

Because Sika deer is a wild animal that runs through the mountains, its leather contains a lot of natural wounds, wrinkles, and spots.
In addition, Ezo deer leather is not only durable, but also has many voids between fibers, unique softness, and excellent sound absorption. The matte and deep expression is also attractive. With tannin tanning, the color and luster deepen over the years.
(Part of the sales will be used for more Trees' forest conservation activities.)

The cattle are grazed on the ranch so that they can grow healthy without stress. The cow is engraved with the "living proof (natural mark)" on the leather.
Like this leather, the finish that makes use of the base material without hiding it with pigments or embossing may have a natural mark.
The Natural Mark is a proof of good quality natural leather, and as you use it, it becomes the unique taste of the product.

Rose wound / bloodline


It is a trace of small scratches and insect bites when bumping or fighting.The more you grow up in an environment closer to nature, the more you grow.Depth, length, and size vary depending on the individual.

Blood line

It is often found on both the grain and floor after blood vessels.



It is a trace of deep wrinkles that are often seen from around the neck to along the spine.Italian leather is popular because it is said that the more tigers there are, the more beautiful it is.The fiber density is the highest around the spine, and there is no problem with strength.

Color unevenness

Color unevenness

Color unevenness may occur due to differences in fiber density.Due to the unevenness of the leather quality, it is unavoidable as long as the leather is a natural material.
Please note that it is a unique leather personality.

If SYRINX products are used for their original purpose within the scope of common sense, a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase is provided for material and structural defects.
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