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Hitoe® Fold Less - Foschia -

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Less is More

"Less is More" is a quote by 20th century architect Mies van der Rohe. 
This wallet holds only three cards. However, if you actually use it, you will realize the true meaning of "Less is More.

手のひらサイズ - HITOE FOLD LESS Small, Thin, and well-honed design

The "~less" wallet

Payment methods have changed dramatically with the Covid-19.
Cashless and touchless are widespread, and cardless is progressing rapidly. However, it will still be a long time before cash and cards are completely eliminated.
To such a new normal, we propose a new ideal wallet.
Small, thin, and light, it fits in your pocket like a part of your body.
A new history of wallets begins here.

開いた状態 - HITOE FOLD LESS A Completely lean layout.

Thick Less

薄い財布 - HITOE FOLD LESS Unprecedented and astonishingly thin

The Hitoe® structure, which does not stack cards and coins on top of each other, has made this wallet overwhelmingly thin.

・The thickness of the wallet is 7mm with 3 cards (at the thickest part) 
・Palm-sized 89mm x 89mm 
・Light weight of approx. 29g, and making you forget that it exists.

Holds up to 15 bills, 15 coins, and 3 cards.
Even with a large amount of cards stored, it is overwhelmingly thin.

実測値 - HITOE FOLD LESS When 3 cards are stored (individual differences may occur)

God is in the details

God is in the details" is another quote by Mies van der Rohe.
The sense of sharp tension and interesting appearance is in the details. We have taken advantage of the best Japanese technology to pay close attention to every detail.

軽い財布 - HITOE FOLD LESS Design without superfluous elements

1 As thin as possible

The edges are not "rolled in" but have a "seam allowance". This is to pursue "thinness". If the edges are rolled in, the size will be smaller, but the overlap of the leather will increase, making it thicker.
This is a detail that is faithful to the ideal we should aim for.

端部比較 - HITOE FOLD LESS Comparison of thickness by edge treatment method

When three cards are stored, the thickness is only about 7.5mm, which is as thin as an iPhone 13.
While pursuing thinness, the leather is thick enough, and the texture, such as tension and firmness, is also important.

iPhoneとの比較 - HITOE FOLD LESSEqual thinness as an iPhone

2 Beautiful details

Precise and delicate stitching
・Polished leather cross-section
Fine lines placed around the edges

Even the edges of suede, which is said to be difficultg to polish, has been polished without sparing any effort. We pursue beauty down to the smallest detail. 

端部処理 - HITOE FOLD LESS Careful sewing and beautiful finishing

3 Highest Quality Manufacturing Method

All parts are made with a solid lamination, the most luxurious technique for leather goods.
Two pieces of leather are thinned and pasted together to make it stronger, lighter, and thinner. It takes a skilled craftsman to finish it as if it were a single piece of leather, without floating or flexing when folded.

刻印 - HITOE FOLD LESSEngraving is hidden under the card.

4 Beautifull for a long time

Most problems with wallets are caused by hardware and sewing.
No hardware is used at all, and there are only four seams.
The corners, which are prone to damage, are made of overlapping outer and inner leather to increase durability.
The seam allowance is as small as possible, making it difficult to lose its shape.

角部の補強 - HITOE FOLD LESS Leather is layered at the corners for durability.

5 Design based on natural order

"Why is the golden ratio beautiful?"

The golden ratio 1:1.618 is the aspect ratio of a rectangle consisting of a square with the Fibonacci sequence as one side repeated in a spiral shape.

And this sequence is hidden everywhere in nature. Tree branches, 

number of petals, sunflower seeds, seashells, and typhoons.

It can also be found in the most beautiful arts such as the pyramids, the Parthenon, and the Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji by Katsushika Hokusai.

It is not important to use the golden ratio in each element. By using the Fibonacci sequence as a ratio from details to whole that is deeply related to nature and the providence of life, it becomes well-proportioned design which resonates in our heart.

フィボナチ数列 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Design based on the Fibonacci Sequence

Easy to use and beyond

1 New idea to use stored cards as a fastener

Use the cards you store as a clasp.

We have invented an "inner hook" that hangs on the card, not on the outside of the wallet. It is a smart leather hook that fits inside the wallet and is not shown on the front.

カードに掛ける留め具 - HITOE FOLD LESS Inner hook integrated with bill holder

It not only serves as a clasp, but also prevents cards from falling out.

カードの落下防止 - HITOE FOLD LESS Prevents unexpected card drops

2 No metal parts, only leather

The inner hooks allow for a flat appearance.
No hardware, flap, or other extraneous items stick out, so there is no snagging in your pocket.

There is no need to worry about dropping coins, as the wallet will not open if the front and back are wrong.

小さな財布 - HITOE FOLD LESS Flat appearance without hardware

3 Smooth opening and closing

You can easily open the wallet by bending the border of the cards and coins into a "dogleg" shape.  By this one action, you can access your coins, bills, and cards for quick checkout.

Smooth opening and closing with the "Dogleg" shape

4 Without folding bills

Just insert bills without folding them.  They are highly visible and easy to take out.
No creases or strong bends are formed, allowing smooth entry into vending machines and self-checkout machines.
The bill holder is designed to be continuous with the inner hook. Its curve serves as a guide, allowing smooth insertion and removal without snagging.
It is compatible with a variety of bills, including dollars, euros, and Japanese yen.

Smoothly inserts and removes bills without touching the bill holder.

5 Safe and smooth card handling

No need to worry about cards falling out.
Once the wallet is closed, the card will not fall out.
The wallet is also designed to prevent cards from slipping out while in use.
The feeling of sliding the card in and out is comfortable and smooth.

Hard to drop card and smooth in and out

Extra cards can be held in the bill holder. It does not interfere with opening and closing the wallet.

カード追加 - HITOE FOLD LESS Temporary cards should be placed under the bill holder.

6 Shallow coin pocket

With a shallow coin pocket, you can quickly find the coin you need and quickly remove it. If you close your wallet, you don't have to worry about coins spilling. 
The flap also prevents spillage while the wallet is in use.
It can hold up to about 15 coins.

Flap prevents coins from falling

Hitoe® Fold Less - Foschia -
Hitoe® Fold Less - Foschia - Sale price$218.00 USD

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のぴ (Nakano, JP)



匿名 (Tokyo, JP)



匿名 (Kidamarihigashidai, JP)



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Takeshi (Kyoto, JP)

いよいよ3つめの財布がくたびれてきた時に、Hitoe Foldという方式の薄い財布を見つけました。
そして、やはり薄さを追求していたためにHitoe Fold Lessがある事が分かり、購入に至りました。薄さを追求したLessモデルが選択できたのはアブササスの利用で学んだ、最小限のカードの選択と、小銭を最小限とする工夫でした。