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Vegan leather derived from mushrooms
Hitoe® Fold Aria -Mushroom-

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Advance Reservations (Crowdfunding) Starts

Pre-orders will begin on March 15.
During the pre-order period, the product will be sold at a special price of 10% off.

Pre-order period: Friday, March 15 12:30 - Wednesday, May 15, 23:59

Information on delivery date will be updated by March 15.
* The pre-order period may end early if there are too many orders.
* March 15 is the most auspicious day of the year, as it is the day of Tenko-hi, Ichiguman-bokuhi, and Tora-no-hi (the day of the tiger).
March 15 is one of the most auspicious days of the year!

Collection Introduction

Toward a Sustainable Future
~Fusion of Innovation and Tradition

SYRINX proposes new possibilities for a sustainable future by combining Japan's first mushroom leather (mushroom leather) and cowhide leather with a long history.

The outer leather is Mushroom Leather MYCL, a plant-derived vegan leather derived from thin layers of mushroom mycelium.
The interior leather is vacchetta leather, a vegetable-tanned cowhide that has been passed down from generation to generation since the 14th century in Tuscany, Italy.

The combination of innovative mushroom leather and traditional vegetable-tanned leather is a bridge to a sustainable future.

We want to show that leather can be sustainable, along with the surprise of vegan leather coming from mushrooms."

Hitoe® Fold Aria -Mushroom- is a product of this desire.

mushroom とForest

Detailed description of the material

Product Description

Toward perfection and functional beauty

Perfection is the state where nothing more can be removed."
These are the words of Saint-Exupéry, the author of "The Prince of Wales".

The Hitoe® structure (design registered ) that prevents stacking of stored items, the inner hook (patented ) that realizes a minimalist design without metal fittings and smooth operability, and the slip-less specification (patent pending ) that prevents cards from falling out.

Hitoe® Fold Aria is the ultimate in minimalist design and operability.

Sophisticated design and exquisite workmanship have been sublimated into a breathtakingly perfect functional beauty.

ミニマルなデザイン - HITOE FOLD ARIA Mushroom

Aria" is as light as air.

Aria" means "air" in Italian.
It is a wallet so light and thin that you may forget it exists, just like air.

軽い財布 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Mushroom

Challenge to thinness

The Hitoe® structure (design registered), in which cards and coins are not stacked on top of each other, achieves thinness.

-Up to 5 layers of leather & no hardware
Thickest part 12mm when stored
(when 6 cards, 10 bills, 10 100 yen coins are stored)

・Palm size 89mm x 91mm
・Light as air, approx. 34g

Holds up to 15 banknotes, 20 coins, and 6 cards. Even with ample storage, it remains thin.

開いた状態 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Mushroom

Top quality Muso tailoring

All parts are made of two pieces of thinly stripped leather, pasted together to form a single piece. This technique is said to be the highest luxury in leather products, and it is both strong and thin.

It takes a wealth of experience and skilled craftsmanship to create a product that looks like a single piece of leather, without lifting or deflection even when folded.

刻印 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Mushroom
In pursuit of simplicity, the engraving is hidden under the card

Thin detailing

The edges are stitched together on the outside, with the leather stacked on top of each other. This is for the sake of "thinness. If the leather is folded over and rolled inside, the size can be reduced, but the leather overlaps and becomes thicker.

This detail is true to the ideal of a thin wallet.

端部の比較 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Mushroom

While pursuing thinness, the leather is still thick enough to provide the leather-like texture of tension and firmness that is so important.

薄い財布 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Mushroom

Hardware-free inner hook

A new concept of using the cards to be stored as a clasp.

We invented a patented inner hook that hangs from the card instead of the outside of the wallet. The smart leather hook is invisible from the front while the wallet remains thin.

This idea made possible the minimalist design of the small, thin Hitoe® Fold Aria wallet with no hardware.

カードに掛ける留め具 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Mushroom
Inner hook to hang on the card integrated with the bill holder

It not only serves as a clasp but also prevents cards from falling out when carried.

カードの落下防止 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Mushroom
It is tucked inside to prevent cards from falling out unexpectedly

Clasped by leather. That's all there is to it.

Just clasp it with leather for a flat appearance. No metal fittings, flaps, or other unnecessary items stick out, so it remains thin and won't get caught in your pocket.

The design prevents the inner hook from coming off when the front and back are reversed. Therefore, there is no need to worry about dropping coins by mistakenly opening the top and bottom sides.

正面 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Mushroom
Composed only of leather without any hardware

Minimalist and smooth operability

The Fold can be easily opened and closed by simply bending it in the "ku" shape, which is where the name "Fold" comes from. With this one action, you can smoothly insert and remove money and cards while the wallet is in portrait orientation.

(For right-handed users, the trick is to bend the lower part of the wallet with the left hand in a "ku-shape" and not touch the inner hook.

Do not fold banknotes.

Just insert bills without folding them. They are highly visible and easy to remove. Since it does not get bent into folds or trifolds, it can be smoothly inserted into vending machines and self-checkout machines.

The bill holder is designed to be continuous with the inner hook. The curve of the hook serves as a guide, allowing smooth insertion and removal without snagging.

Smoothly inserts and removes cards without touching the bill holder

Prevents cards from falling out

When the wallet is closed, the inner hook hangs on the card so it will not fall out. Even when the wallet is open, the slip-less design (patent pending ) prevents cards from falling out. The feeling of slipping a card in and out of the wallet is of high quality and comfortable.

Effect of Slipless Specification (Patent Pending)

Temporary cards are held in the bill holder. There is no problem with opening and closing the wallet.

開き方 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Mushroom
Occasional cards can be held in the bill holder.

Smooth, non-overflowing coin pocket

The coin pocket is shallow and has no fasteners, hooks, or other metal fittings, so you can quickly remove the coins you need without removing them. When storing coins, the coin pocket lid serves as a guide for smooth storage.

When the wallet is closed, coins will not overflow. Even when the wallet is open, the lid of the coin pocket prevents the coins from overflowing.

There is room for 15 coins (999 yen).

コインポケット - HITOE FOLD ARIA Mushroom
Coin pocket that does not overflow

World-renowned minimalist design

19 of the world's most prestigious design awards

The Hitoe® Fold series has won 19 of the world's major design awards, including the iF design award, the red dot design award, and IDEA, the world's top three design awards, as well as London, New York, Paris, and Milan.

(Click on the " Product Achievements " tab for detailed awards)

小さな薄い財布 Hitoe Foldの世界のデザイン賞
Hitoe® Fold series has won 19 awards in total.

Design in accordance with the laws of nature

Why is the Golden Ratio so beautiful?
The Golden Ratio 1:1.62 is the ratio of the length and width of a rectangle consisting of a spiral of squares with the Fibonacci sequence as one side. (Figure below)

In fact, the Fibonacci sequence is hidden everywhere in nature. Tree branches, the number of petals, sunflower seeds, seashells, typhoons, and spiral galaxies. It can also be found in art, such as the Pyramids, the Parthenon, and the 36 Views of Mount Fuji, where beauty is at its finest.

It is not the golden ratio that is important. It is the Fibonacci sequence, in which the proportions from the smallest detail to the whole are deeply related to nature and the providence of life, that results in a well-balanced design that resonates with the heart.

Proportions based on the spiral of the Fibonacci sequence

Beautiful details

Precise and delicate stitching, polished leather edges that reveal the overlapping layers of leather.
Every detail of the Hitoe® Fold Aria, a small, thin wallet, is beautiful.

美しいディテール - HITOE FOLD ARIA Mushroom
Beautiful edge treatment

Long and beautiful use

Generally, most wallet problems are caused by hardware or sewing. However, the Hitoe® Fold, a small thin wallet, uses no hardware at all and only four stitches. In addition, the easily damaged corners are covered with layers of outer and inner leather to increase durability. The seam allowance is as small as possible, so the design does not easily lose its shape even in a trouser pocket.

角の補強 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Mushroom
Leather is layered on top of leather on the corners for durability.

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Zero (Ōtemae, JP)



結論から言いますと非常に良いです。マッシュルームレザーの模様は砂漠のような荒野のような月面のような不思議な感じで 凹凸のある質感もつい触れたくなる素材です。

同じAriaのFoschiaとはまた違ったエイジングを楽しめそうで これから使い込むのが楽しみです。これからも今回のような前衛的な商品開発を楽しみにしております。この度は先行販売ありがとうございました。