MEKURU Pen case 2 [Business] released

The crowdfunding rewards for Nikkei Future Shopping have been shipped, so from todayMEKURU Pencil Case 2 [Business] is now on sale.

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Since this is the second specification change, we have upgraded the version to "Pen Case 2".Basic model,Vellutocollection,NaturaThe collection will be announced one by one.

The sale of the old model has also started.

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(change history)

First change
 -Move the conspicuous engraving on the main body to the slider puller.
 -Changed the fastener from YKK metal fastener to YKK Excella.
 -The zipper color has changed from one gold color to four colors in combination with leather.
 ・ Review of stitch / fastener tape color

Change this time
 ・ Changed the zipper pull to the original
 ・ Brand notation changed only to the stamp on the back of the slider pull
 ・ Change the auto lock slider to a free slider

In addition,LiscioProducts other than (Velluto,Natura, Business) will be available only on the official website.