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Article: A'Design Award award souvenir


A'Design Award award souvenir

TSUTSUMU business card case received a silver A' Design Award before, and we received a large amount of award-winning souvenirs from Italy.

There is a trophy, a PARKER pen, an eco-bag, a water bottle, a pin badge, posters, a year, stickers, and many more.

They may have served us because of the late arrival.

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MEKURU ペンケース2 [Business] 発売開始-SYRINX

MEKURU Pen Case 2 [Business] is now on sale

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the delivery of the Nikkei Mirai Shopping crowdfunding rewards, and we have started selling MEKURU Pen Case 2 [Business] today. ▶︎ Product page ...

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Received "Omotenashi Selection for 3 consecutive years"

HITOE L-zip S andHITOE L-zip Lwon the Omotenashi Selection 2019, and the award ceremony was held today at Happoen Tokyo. Official website This is the third consecutive year that HITOE L-zip S a...

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