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Delivery will begin in July, with production of Ortensia and Monocromo together at a rate of 200 pieces per month. We will ship the products in the order of your application for each color. (This may be slightly delayed.)
E.g., 300 units will be shipped in August.
600 units will be shipped in September

. In the case of 900 units, all shipments are scheduled to be completed in November.

Toward a completed functional beauty

I want to go out lightly without a bag! The Hitoe® series was created to fulfill this desire.
The Hitoe® Fold Aria is the ultimate in the Hitoe® series, not only thin, but also small, light, strong, and easy to use.
The refined design and exquisite workmanship have been sublimated into a breathtakingly perfect functional beauty.

Aria" is as light as air.


Aria" means "Air" in Italian. It also means lyrical solo singing in opera and religious music.
Like air, you forget it even exists. And yet, it is beautiful and full of originality.

Hitoe® Structure" for outstanding thinness


Wallets become thicker because cards and coins overlap. The Hitoe® structure solves this problem. Cards and coins are not stacked on top of each other, making the wallet significantly thinner.
Stunning thinness of 9mm (at the thickest part), even when 5 cards are stored.
Size: Only 89mm x 91mm
Weight: approx. 33 g
Holds up to 15 banknotes, 20 coins, and 6 cards.
Even with ample storage space, it is overwhelmingly thin.

Well-honed design

1 "Perfection is the state in which no further grinding can be done."

These are the words of Saint-Exupery, the author of "The Prince of Wales.
With a smooth, hardware-free opening and closing, a quick in-and-out motion, and a thinness that makes it almost invisible in your pocket, the
Hitoe® Fold Aria's simplicity of design and comfort are the height of perfection.

ミニマルなデザイン - HITOE FOLD ARIA

2 Wallets this thin

The edges are not "rolled in" but have a "seam allowance. This is in pursuit of "thinness. Wrapping the leather around the edges reduces the size, but increases the overlap of the leather and makes it thicker.
This detail is faithful to the ideal we are aiming for.

端部比較 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Size comparison by edge treatment method

Even in pursuit of thinness, the leather is thick enough, and the texture, such as tension and firmness, is also important.


3 Beautiful details

Precise and delicate stitching, transparently polished koba (leather cross-section) that reveals the overlapping layers of leather, and fine lines (nenpiki) placed around the edges with a hot iron. Even the koba of suede, which is said to be impossible to polish, is polished with great care, pursuing beauty down to the smallest detail.

端部処理 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Beautiful edge treatment of the seam allowance

4 Top quality manufacturing method

All parts are made of thin leather "sticky" (glued all over ). This technique is said to be the most luxurious of all leather products. Two thinly stripped pieces of leather are pasted together to create a stronger, lighter, and thinner finish. It takes a great deal of experience and skill to create a leather that looks like a single piece of leather, even when folded.

刻印 - HITOE FOLD ARIA In pursuit of simplicity, the engraving is hidden under the card.

5 Long and beautiful use

Most wallet problems are caused by hardware and sewing. No hardware is used and only four stitches are used.
In addition, the corners, which are prone to pain, are made of layers of outer and inner leather to increase durability. The seam allowance is as small as possible, and the design does not easily lose its shape even when used in the back pocket of trousers.
It is a simple and sturdy construction that can be used beautifully for a long time.

角の補強 - HITOE FOLD ARIA The corners are layered with leather for durability.

6 Design in accordance with the order of nature

Why is the Golden Ratio so beautiful?
The golden ratio 1:1.618 is the ratio of the length and width of a rectangle consisting of a spiral of squares with the Fibonacci sequence ( 1,2,3,5,8,13,21...) as one side. (The
Fibonacci sequence is hidden everywhere in nature.
Tree branches, the number of petals, sunflower seeds, shells, typhoons. It is also found in art of the highest beauty, such as the Pyramids, the Parthenon, and the 36 Views of Mount Fuji.
Deeply related to nature and the order of life, hence the golden ratio based on the Fibonacci sequence, which also tugs at the heartstrings.
It is not important to make the golden ratio. It is the proportions from the smallest detail to the whole that make up the Fibonacci sequence, which results in a well-proportioned design that resonates with the heart.

フィボナチ数列 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Design based on the Fibonacci Sequence

Easy to use and beyond

It is not only thin. We pursue not only ease of use but also comfort.

1 New concept of using the card to be stored as a clasp

We have devised an "inner hook (patent pending) " that hangs not outside the wallet but on the card to be stored and uses the card itself as part of the clasp. It is a smart leather hook that fits inside the wallet and is not shown on the front.

カードに掛ける留め具 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Inner hook that hangs on the card integrated with the bill holder

It not only serves as a clasp for the wallet, but also prevents cards from falling out and allows for speedy opening and closing.

カードの落下防止 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Tucked inside to prevent unexpected card drops

2 Clip it with leather, and that's it.

The inner hook gives the bag a flat appearance that can only be clipped with leather. No hardware, flap, or other extraneous items stick out, so there is no snagging in the pocket.

正面 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Minimalist shape with no waste

3 Smooth opening and closing in a "U" shape

By bending the boundary between the card and coin pockets in a "wiggle" motion, the inner hooks on the cards are easily released. With this one action, coins, bills, and cards can all be accessed for quick checkout.

開き方 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Smoothly opens and closes by bending the pocket in a "crisscrossing" motion.
The trick is to bend the inner hook in a "wiggle" so that it does not touch the inner hook.

4 Keep the banknote in place

Just insert bills without folding them. Highly visible and easy to remove. The bill holder is designed to be continuous with the inner hook. The curve of the hook acts as a guide, allowing smooth insertion and removal without snagging.

Smoothly insert and remove bills without touching the bill holder at all.

5 Cards are safe and smooth

No need to worry about cards falling out.
Once the wallet is closed, the cards will not fall out. The wallet is designed to prevent cards from slipping out while in use. (*Intellectual property rights to be acquired) The
feeling of sliding cards in and out is comfortable and smooth.

Extra cards are held in the bill holder to prevent stretching of the leather in the card pocket. It does not interfere with the opening and closing of the wallet.

開き方 - HITOE FOLD ARIA Temporary cards areOn the bill holder

6 Shallow coin pocket

A shallow coin pocket allows you to quickly find and quickly remove the coins you need.
There is no need to worry about coins spilling out once the wallet is closed. The short flap prevents overflow while the wallet is in use.
999 yen (15 coins ) can be stored in the pocket with room to spare.

Coin pocket that does not overflow while in use

Dimensions: approx. W89 x H91 x D9 mm (thickest part when 5 cards are stored) Maximum capacity: 15 bills, 6 cards, 20 coins Product weight: approx. 33g Leather :Cowhide, some pig suede Country of manufacture : Japan Intellectual Property: Patent pending Patent Application 2019-211321      Design registration No. 1659078      Design registration No. 1659079      Design registration No. 1670259      Trademark registration No. 6253419      International design registrations (EU and Singapore) DM/211734, DM/207682      International Design Registration (China) Nos. 6069152, 6378263      International design registrations (Australia) 202012701, 202012702, 202016654      International design registrations (Taiwan) D214409, D211838, D212562      International Design Registration (Korea) DM207682-0001, DM207682-0002, DM/211734      International design registration (US) D948208, D948207      International trademark registration (EU, China, Korea) 1489157      International Trademark Registration (US) 6,171,770      International Trademark Registration (Taiwan) No. 02130548 Please use the wallet vertically. All photos and videos used in the product description are for right-handed users. The color of the images may appear different depending on your environment.

シビラ Greige

Black and White

Monocromo" is the Italian word for monochrome.
The front leather is wet-white tanned white, and the inner leather is vegetable-tanned black, creating a contrast between the two colors. After barrel dyeing with dye (aniline), it is finished by spraying with pigment in 5 times.

It is resistant to scratches and stains, repels water, and hardly ages to keep its beautiful light color for a long time.

The outer leather is single-budded ( back to waist). This is the area with the densest fibers and finest texture, which produces a uniform and beautiful grain when grained.

The inside is made of shoulder leather. It is strong and firm.

Monocromo Monochrome

The Hitoe® Fold series has been recognized both nationally and internationally with numerous records and awards.


London International Creative Competition 2021
London International Creative Competition 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

The aim is to serve as a medium to connect talented artists with international audiences, with artists from around the world, juried by luminaries in six disciplines (architecture, interiors, art, graphics, photography, and products) and based in London, where internationally acclaimed artists are gathered. It has been held annually since 2006.

IDA Design Awards 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

An international design award established in Los Angeles in 2007 to discover and recognize outstanding design visionaries in a wide range of fields. Comprised of five categories including architecture, interior design, product design, fashion, and graphics, each year's competition attracts the finest entries from the world's most talented designers.

NY Product Design Awards 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

An award specializing in product design sponsored by International Award Associate (USA), newly established in 2021.
The award aims to recognize outstanding product designers who enrich our daily lives. In its first year, the award received more than 500 entries from around the world.

MUSE Design Awards 2021
MUSE Design Awards 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

One of the international award programs organized by International Award Associate (USA), which aims to create new standards of value in design.
The award is presented to designers who combine unparalleled creativity and technical skill, like a "muse.

Europian Product DESIGN AWARD 2021
European Product Design Award 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

A design competition created to recognize the efforts of talented international product designers. From thousands of design projects submitted from around the world, a jury selects the most beautiful, functional, and innovative products.

Hitoe® Fold Aria

An international design competition organized by DESIGNSORI, a Korean design portal. It is one of the three most prestigious design awards in Asia, along with the Golden Pin Design Award and the DFA Design for Asia Awards.

おもてなしセレクション 2021
Omotenashi Selection 2021
Hitoe® Fold Aria

This award was established with the aim of discovering and promoting excellent Japanese products and services with a spirit of hospitality to the world. The award is given to products and services that are born out of consideration for the people who use them, and that have been improved upon while carrying on the traditions of the past.

おもてなしセレクション 2020
Omotenashi Selection 2020
Hitoe® Fold

This award was established with the aim of discovering and promoting outstanding Japanese products and services with a spirit of hospitality to the world. The award is given to products and services that are born out of consideration for the people who use them, and that have been improved upon while carrying on the traditions of the past.

Campfire Crowdfunding Award 2020
Campfire Crowdfunding Award 2020
Hitoe® Fold

This award celebrates the best challenges among more than 10,000 projects on the crowdfunding site Campfire.

Crowd Funding

The Hitoe® Fold series has dominated the Japanese history of crowdfunding wallets 1~3. (*As of February 10, 2022)

51,795,439 yen / 3500 people
Hitoe® Fold v.2020 -Liscio
Achieved the highest amount of crowdfunding for wallets in Japan
77,853,800 yen / 2,480 people
Hitoe® Fold Aria -Foschia
Wallet crowdfunding achieved the highest amount of money in
JapanSuprising the 1st and 2nd place in Japan's history for wallet crowdfunding
55,481,020 yen / 2959 people
Hitoe® Fold v.2021 -Liscio-
Dominated Japan's all-time crowdfunding rankings for wallets (#1-3)

Q. What is the difference between Hitoe Fold, Hitoe Fold Aria, and Hitoe Fold Less?

Hitoe Fold Aria" and "Hitoe Fold Less" are our flagship models, which are uncompromising in material, design, functionality, and detailing. The Hitoe Fold Aria can hold 6 cards, while the Hitoe Fold Less can hold 3 cards.
Hitoe Fold" is the second grade of this concept, realized in leather that you can enjoy the texture and the change of material over time. It can hold up to 7 cards.
Other differences are as follows

1 Material
Hitoe Fold" utilizes high quality thick leather (Italian vacchetta leather), which has the characteristics of leather as it is and allows the user to enjoy its leatheriness. The floor (back side) of the leather has been treated to minimize shedding in order to improve the sliding of banknotes and other items.
The "Hitoe Fold Aria" and "Hitoe Fold Less" have luxurious specifications with leather laminated on all parts, and the silver surface is double-layered to achieve both thinness and durability.

斜めから見た使用状態 Left: Hitoe Fold Middle: Hitoe Fold Aria Right: Hitoe Fold Less

2 sizes
Flat size
, Hitoe Fold w92 x h92 mm
, Hitoe Fold Aria w89 x h91 mm
, Hitoe Fold Less w89 x h89 mm

Thickness (thickest part around the clasp)
- Hitoe Fold approx. 10mm (when 5 emboss-less cards are stored ) - Hitoe Fold

Aria approx. 9mm (when 5 emboss-less cards are stored)
- Hitoe Fold Less
There is a slight individual difference.
Please add 0.2-0.3mm per card for embossed cards.

Due to the difference in the feel of the materials, you will probably feel the difference more than the numbers when you hold it in your hand.

手のひらサイズ Left: Hitoe Fold ( 5 cards) Middle: Hitoe Fold Aria (5 cards) Right: Hitoe Fold Less (3 cards)

3 Difference in feel
Depending on the stitching on the side of the bill holder, the "Hitoe Fold" may feel a tugging sensation when inserting or removing banknotes from the side. Also, the sliding of banknotes may cause a little more friction.

The "Hitoe Fold Aria" and " Hitoe Fold Less" have a card pocket that is designed to prevent cards from falling out even when the clasp is removed.

Q. Do you have any tips for opening and closing?

If you bend the border between the coin and the card in the shape of a "ku", the hook on the card will be released and the card can be used smoothly.

How to bend the opening and closing (e.g. Hitoe Fold Aria)

When closing, lightly press down on the top of the flap and bend the flap in a "ku" shape so that the hook fits naturally into the card. The trick is to keep your fingers away from the hook.

To close, simply slide the flap while holding it down (e.g. Hitoe Fold).

Q. When I close it, it distorts.

This is due to misuse of the hook on the outside of the wallet. Please hang the hook only on the card to be stored.

(Example: Hitoe Fold)

Q. Will coins or cards overflow?

If you hang the hooks on the cards to be stored and close the wallet, there will never be an overflow of coins or cards. When the wallet is opened, the lid of the coin pocket holds the coins in place and prevents them from overflowing. However, if the wallet is used horizontally, coins may overflow. Please use the card vertically.

About the care of leather

This product is coated with pigments on the surface of the leather, making it resistant to scratches, stains, and water, and requires no maintenance other than cleaning.

If you are concerned about surface dirt after prolonged use, we recommend using a commercially available cleaner (Columbus 500, etc.) for cleaning.

We also recommend the use of a fluorine-based waterproofing spray to further enhance water resistance.
The following page explains how to spray with pictures.

How to Spray Waterproof

Other points to note

  • Color and texture may vary depending on the lot and part.
  • When storing for long periods of time, please air dry regularly with a soft cloth to prevent mold from forming.
  • Do not leave the contents in place for long periods of time, but take them out periodically to air the contents.
  • Depending on the monitor environment, the actual color of the product may look slightly different from the color of the product.

The official SYRINX online store ships products Monday through Saturday (excluding New Year's holidays and national holidays). 11,000 yen or more orders can also specify a delivery date and time. Please see below for details.

In addition, we have stopped using plastic-derived outer bags and replaced them with paper sleeves to protect the environment. We ask for your understanding that scratches and other defects may occur to the paper sleeve during storage and transportation.

Shipping charges

  • 0-10,999 yen: Post 440 yen (tax included)
  • 11,000 - 21,999 yen: Home delivery 880 yen (tax included)
  • 22,000 yen or more: Free home delivery

Shipment date

Orders placed by mid-morning Monday through Saturday (excluding New Year holidays and national holidays ) will be shipped the same day in the evening.
Delivery may be delayed if there is an error in the delivery process. The most common causes of delivery processing errors are date/time specification for post delivery, postal code errors, missing city/town names, and telephone number errors.

Please note the following.

  • Postal delivery time and date cannot be specified. If the total value of the order is less than 11,000 yen, the order will be shipped by post, and if you specify a date and time, an error will occur in the delivery process and the shipment will be delayed.
  • For corporate customers, the specified date and time will not be reflected in the delivery.
  • The specified date and time will not be reflected outside of Japan. (This service is not available for shipments outside of Japan.)
  • You can specify a delivery date and time from 2 days after the next business day. (This service is not available for shipments outside of Japan.
  • Time can only be specified for pre-order items. The specified date will not be reflected.
  • For delivery to Okinawa and remote islands, the specified date and time will not be reflected.
  • The specified date and time may be subject to change due to the delivery company's circumstances.

Thank you for using SYRINX.
For the following requests, please contact us from " Inquiries " with the email address and order number at the time of ordering.
Only products purchased directly from the official website are supported.
Crowdfunding terms and conditions take precedence over the products you are looking for in crowdfunding.

In addition, we make effective use of the leather we receive from our precious lives as much as possible.
However, if the returned product has a trace of use, it cannot be resold even if it is repaired, so there is no choice but to discard it. Therefore, exchanges and returns are limited to unused items. When the product arrives, please be sure to check that there are no problems before using it.


1 year warranty

SYRINX products come with a "Spontaneous Failure Warranty (all or part of the functions cannot be used due to a defect)" for one year after the product arrives. It is applied when it is damaged even though it has been used normally. This warranty covers defects caused by inadequate materials and manufacturing methods. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or neglect of necessary maintenance, and scratches / wear caused by normal use. In addition, regarding replacement due to initial failure, we will rely on the "Initial Defect Guarantee" described later.

  • YKK's Excella fasteners are initially hard because they have high dimensional accuracy and few gaps. It will become smoother and smoother.
  • Please do not put sharp objects.
  • If it is stored too much, the leather may stretch and deform, or the stitched parts may be overstressed and damaged.
  • Peeling of adhesive is considered wear due to normal use.
  • Due to reasons such as non-repairability or trouble during repair, we may replace it with a new one or issue a gift certificate equivalent to the purchase price.
  • Please bear the shipping fee to us.
Initial defect guarantee

All SYRINX products will be exchanged or refunded in full for 7 days after the product arrives if there is a mistake or initial defect. However, if any of the following items apply, we will repair or refund the product price for functional defects, and we will return the scratches and aesthetics as they are by cash on delivery.

  • Products used by customers
  • Products that have been damaged, soiled, or processed by the customer
  • When accessories such as product boxes, tags, and manuals are soiled, damaged, or lost

* Please send it to us by cash on delivery (please pay from outside Japan).


All SYRINX products are repaired so that you can use them for a long time with peace of mind.

  • We will check the state of the defect at our shop, and if repair is possible, we will inform you for a fee.
  • In the unlikely event of trouble during repair, we may replace it with a repaired product and send you a new one.


In-stock items are processed automatically, so we cannot accept cancellations or changes after your order has been placed. However, you can cancel your reservation order on the official website until it arrives at the delivery warehouse. Please see "About pre-orders" for detailed conditions.


We accept returns of unused items for any reason. Please contact us within 7 days after the item arrives. Please bear the shipping fee to us.
After confirming that the returned product is unused, we will refund the product price (shipping fee is not applicable) to the settlement account.

If the package you sent cannot be delivered due to an incorrect delivery address or storage expiration date, it will be treated as a return. We will deduct the round-trip shipping fee and refund it to the settlement account.

We cannot accept returns if any of the following items apply. Please note that we will resend the item by payment.

  • Products used by customers
  • Products that have been damaged, soiled, or processed by the customer
  • Made-to-order products such as build-to-order manufacturing, repair and customization
  • Products purchased by crowdfunding
  • Outlet products / sale products
  • When accessories such as product boxes, tags, and manuals are soiled, damaged, or lost

[Return address]

Mita Hills 201, 4-13-18 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(* We do not support telephone calls, so please use the form on the "Inquiry" page for inquiries .)

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