When making a pre-order, please be sure to read the following contents.
The approximate estimated arrival date is displayed after "Color" for each item, and the number of "remaining" that can be reserved is displayed below it.

*1 The actual arrival schedule may change. Please note.
* 2 Delivery of products in stock at the end of the month may be at the beginning of the following month.

Frequently asked questions when pre-ordering

Q. When will I receive the reserved product?
A. When you place an order, the month indicated after the color name in the "Order summary" of the email sent with the subject "Order number: #----" is (Planned).
Please note that the estimated arrival date displayed in My Account is the date of the pre-order sale and is different from the expected arrival date of the product you purchased.

Q. Can I cancel my reservation?
A. We accept cancellations until the products arrive. "Contact UsPlease write down the email address and order number when you place an order.
However, as a cancellation feeSettlement fee4% (tax included) will be charged.
Since the shipping procedure will start immediately after the item arrives, we cannot accept changes or cancellations of the delivery address.The actual arrival may be significantly earlier than the "scheduled arrival".In case of cancellation, please proceed as soon as possible.
The specific refund date after cancellation will vary depending on the credit card company you are using. In some cases, it may be refunded (offset) the next month. For more information, please contact your credit card company directly.

Q. How will the items be shipped if they are purchased in a batch?
A. All items will be shipped at the same time (even if the items in stock and reserved items are purchased together). If you wish to ship any of the products that can be shipped at any time, please order separately.

Q. Can I get a notification of product arrival?
A. If there is a delay of 30 days or more in stock, we will inform the registered email address about future schedule. If it is as planned or in advance, we will send a notification with a tracking number to the registered email address after shipping the item.

Q. I can't reserve the color I want.
A. The "remaining" number refers to the remaining number of items that will be in stock. If it is 0, you cannot make a reservation until the next reservation starts.

Q. Can I make payments deferred?
A. Product price will be settled at the time of reservation. (Cancellation is possible)

Q. Can't change the color?
A. Color cannot be changed.You will need to cancel and place a new order.

Q. Isn't it a little faster?
SYRINX's products are produced by skilled craftsmen carefully, one by one, so the production volume is limited.
If mass production is carried out at overseas factories, etc., it can be delivered to more people quickly, but in order to do so, details and quality must be compromised. That is not the direction that SYRINX aims for.
You may have to wait a long time before delivery. However, SYRINX's commitment is supported by your understanding.
We will do our best to deliver it as soon as possible, so we appreciate your understanding.