Leather that protects the sustainable forest environment

Ezo deer leather

Hokkaido sika deer leather promoted by more trees, a corporate judicial person represented by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto.
Yezo sika deer, which inhabit all over Hokkaido, are highly fertile and are increasing until they destroy the vegetation in the forest. Therefore, in recent years, more than 100,000 heads have been captured every year.

In recent years, even though it has been recognized as a game, wild deer, unlike livestock, have a variety of supplies, and there are many issues such as slaughter, distribution, and sales, and the actual situation is that effective utilization is not progressing.
In particular, leather is rarely used effectively and discarded due to shotgun marks, difficulty in processing, and wild scratches.
Deer leather currently distributed in Japan is imported products cultivated in China, New Zealand, Australia, etc., and the ratio is as high as 98%.
The reality is that sika deer leather is difficult to mass-produce because it is necessary to start by tanning the leather, which is costly, laborious, and unstable in production.

In addition, the captured deer are allowed to be buried as they are if it is difficult to take them home or bring them to a slaughterhouse. However, if the bear sniffs the scent, it will dig up even a fairly deep hole. The increase in the appearance of bears throughout Japan in recent years is not unrelated to the increase in deer and the lack of effective utilization.

We, who robbed the natural enemy wolf for our own convenience, have a responsibility not to waste the life of Hokkaido's wilderness blessing "Ezo deer", to respect it, and to use it carefully until the end.
From that thought, I came up with the idea of ​​using sika deer leather for speakers.
In gratitude for the life of the sika deer to protect the sustainable forest environment, we will create this speaker and open up new possibilities for sika deer leather.

Since Yezo deer is a wild animal that runs around the mountains, its leather contains many natural scratches, wrinkles, and stains.
In addition, Yezo deer leather is not only durable, but also has many voids between fibers, has a unique softness, and has excellent sound absorption. The matte and deep look is also attractive. Tannin tanning deepens the color and luster over the years.
(A part of the sales will be used for forest conservation activities of more Trees.)