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About the Ezo deer leather (more Trees LEATHER) used

Leather that protects a sustainable forest environment


Ezo sika deer leather from Hokkaido is promoted by more trees, an incorporated association headed by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto.
The Ezo sika deer, which inhabit the entire Hokkaido region, have a strong reproductive capacity and are increasing in number until they destroy all vegetation in the forests. As a result, more than 100,000 head of deer have been captured each year in recent years.

Although deer have been recognized as gibier in recent years, unlike livestock, the supply of wild deer varies widely, and there are many challenges in slaughter, distribution, and marketing, making it difficult to make effective use of the deer.
In particular, deer leather is almost always discarded without effective use due to bullet holes, processing difficulties, and wild wounds.
Deerskin currently circulating in Japan is imported from China, New Zealand, Australia, and other countries, and accounts for as much as 98% of all deerskin.
The reality is that it is difficult to mass-produce Ezo deerskin because it requires tanning, which is costly and time-consuming, and production is not stable.

Also, captured deer are allowed to be buried as they are if it is difficult to take them home or bring them to a slaughterhouse. However, bears will dig even the deepest of holes if they get the scent of it. The recent increase in the number of bears in Japan is not unrelated to the increase in the number of deer and the lack of effective use of these animals.

We, who have taken away wolves, our natural enemy, for our own reasons, have a responsibility to respect and use the life of Ezo sika deer, the bounty of nature in Hokkaido, carefully and without wasting it.
With this in mind, we came up with the idea of using Ezo deerskin for speakers.
In order to protect a sustainable forest environment, we will create these speakers and expand the new possibilities of Ezo deerskin while giving thanks for the lives of Ezo deers.

Because Ezo deers are wild animals that roam the mountains and fields, their leather contains many natural scars, wrinkles, and blemishes.
In addition, Ezo deerskin is not only strong, but also has many voids between fibers, giving it a unique softness and excellent sound absorption. Its matte and deep look is also attractive. It is tanned with tannin, and its color and luster will deepen with the passage of time.
(A portion of the proceeds will be used for more Trees' forest conservation activities.)