To customers using this site,We will send e-mails such as "order confirmation" and "delivery completed".
In addition, "News & UpdatesIs also available.
When registering your e-mail address, please note the following:
Please note that troubles related to reception are problems on the receiving side, so we cannot respond to individual inquiries.

XNUMX RFC violation address
Email addresses that meet the following conditions are not compliant with the globally common Internet communication standard RFC (Request for Comments).News & Updates "It will not be delivered.

1. "."Is used first and last (just before @)
2. "."When two or more characters are used consecutively

In the past, communication carriers such as docomo and au could create non-RFC compliant addresses. For this reason, the use itself is still possible between users such as docomo and au, but many cannot be sent from RFC-compliant services (email from PC, gmail, etc.).
Currently, non-RFC compliant email addresses cannot be created with docomo, au, etc. Please change your email address and re-register.

XNUMX Non-delivery by carrier mail such as ezweb and AU
There are many cases where customers using and email addresses do not receive the email even though it has been sent.
This is because if you use the recommended settings of au spam filter, it will be blocked if it is judged as spam, and you will not be able to check it until the next day.
About automatic setting of "Spam Mail Restriction"

Please be sure to set "" to "must receive" in "domain matching" in "Receive list settings" so that you can receive emails in advance.Refer to the following au official website for detailed settings.
au Spam mail filter function> Receive list setting

XNUMX Other non-delivery
It has been removed by a filter or classified as spam. Please make settings so that you can receive the reception list settings, filter settings, and spam settings.
[Example: When setting with Gmail]
Select Settings> Filters> Create New Filter,Enter "@" in the "From" input field and select "Create a filter with this search condition".
Check "Do not make spam" and select "Create filter" to complete.

XNUMX About garbled characters
"News & Updates "Is a content that does not include machine-dependent characters, and is sent with the character code of “ISO-2022-JP”,On iPhones, etc., it is rarely encoded with a different code, which may cause garbled characters. In particular, carrier mail is more likely to occur because of the large number of conversions. The most effective solution is not to use carrier email. To Gmail etc.Please consider migration.