We will send e-mails such as "Order confirmation" and "Delivery completed" to customers using this site .
We also distribute " News & Updates " on an irregular basis.
Please be aware of the following when registering your e-mail address.
Please note that we cannot respond to individual inquiries because problems related to reception are problems on the receiving side.

1 If the e-mail address meets the conditions under the address that violates RFC, it does not comply with the global Internet communication standard RFC (Request for Comments), so even if the address can be registered, " News & Updates" will be delivered. Will not be done.

1. When "." Is used at the beginning and end (immediately before @)
2. When two or more "." Characters are used consecutively

Communication carriers such as docomo and au have been able to create non-RFC compliant addresses in the past. Therefore, it is still possible to use it among users such as docomo and au, but many of them cannot be sent from RFC-compliant services (email from PC, gmail, etc.).
Currently, RFC non-compliant e-mail addresses cannot be created even with docomo, au, etc. Please change your e-mail address and re-register.

2 Non-delivery by carrier mail such as ezweb and AU
Customers using ezweb.ne.jp and au.com e-mail addresses often do not receive the e-mail even though it has been sent.
If you are using the recommended settings of au's junk e-mail filter, the e-mail will be blocked if it is judged to be junk e-mail, and you will not even be able to confirm it until the next day.
About automatic setting of "Junk E-mail Omakase Regulation"

Please be sure to set "syrinx.audio" to "Receive" in "Domain Match" in "Receive List Settings" so that you can receive emails in advance. For detailed setting method, see the procedure on the au official website below.
au junk mail filter function> Receive list settings

3 Other non-delivery
It has been deleted by a filter or classified as junk mail. Please make sure that you can receive the reception list settings, filter settings, junk mail settings, etc.
[Example: When setting with Gmail]
Select Settings> Filters> Create New Filter , enter @ syrinx.audio in the From field and select Create Filter with This Search Criteria.
Check "Do not send as junk mail" and select "Create filter" to complete.

About 4 garbled characters
" News & Updates" does not include machine-dependent characters and is sent with the character code of "ISO-2022-JP", but it is rarely encoded with a different code on iPhone etc., and the characters are garbled. May cause. Especially for carrier mail, it is easy to happen because there are many conversion processes. The most effective workaround is not to use carrier email. Please consider migrating to Gmail etc.