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Precautions for registering your email address

We will send emails such as "Order Confirmation" and "Delivery Completed " to customers who use our website.
also send " News & Updates" on an irregular basis.
When registering your e-mail address, please keep the following in mind.
Please note that we will not be able to respond to individual inquiries regarding reception problems, as these are the responsibility of the recipient.

Please note that we do not recommend using a carrier e-mail address for registration, as it often causes problems.

1 Addresses in violation of RFC
If your e-mail address meets the conditions below, " News & Updates" will not be delivered even if your address is registered, because it does not comply with the worldwide Internet communication standard RFC (Request for Comments).

1. ".

used at the beginning and at the end (just before @)
2. In the

past, telecommunication carriers such as docomo and au allowed the creation of non-RFC compliant addresses


Therefore, although the use of RFC-compliant addresses is still possible among docomo and au users, they cannot be sent from RFC-compliant services (e.g., PC e-mail and gmail).
Non-RFC compliant e-mail addresses cannot be created by docomo, au, etc. at this time.

2 Non-delivery by ezweb, AU and other carrier e-mails
There have been many cases of e-mails not being delivered to customers using and e-mail addresses, even though they have been sent.
If you are using the recommended settings of au's spam filter, the email will be blocked if it is determined to be spam and will not be delivered.
Automatic setting of the "Junk e-mail filter" function

Please be sure to set "" as a "must receive" domain in your "Receiving List Settings" in advance so that you can receive our e-mails. For detailed instructions, please refer to the following instructions on the official au website.
au Junk e-mail filter function > Receiving list settings

3 Other non-delivery
Deleted by filter or classified as junk mail. Please make sure that you have set up your inbox list settings, filter settings, and spam mail settings so that you can receive the email without fail.
For example, if you are using Gmail, click on "Settings" > "Filters" > "Junk E-mail List Settings".
Select "Settings" > "Filters" > "Create New Filter" and click Enter "" in the "From" field and select "Create filter with this search condition".
Check the "Do not spam" checkbox and select "Create Filter" to complete the process.

4 Garbled Characters
In rare cases, different encoding codes may be used, resulting in garbled characters. Carrier e-mails are particularly prone to garbled characters due to the high amount of conversion processing that takes place. The most effective solution is to avoid using carrier e-mails. Please consider switching to Gmail or other email services.