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Foschia is the Italian word for "fog. Foschia is characterized by a white wax-covered look like morning mist. The more the leather is used, the more the wax permeates the leather, giving it a translucent appearance.

Tanning and Manufacturing

The leather is made from the shoulders of adult Scandinavian cows. After vegetable tanning, the surface is lightly buffed and white waxed. The tanning material used is cod, a legume native to South America. Although rare, it is the lightest colored vegetable tannin and has a lightfast finish. It can be tanned whiter than usual, and the beautiful light color is achieved using only dyes, not pigments.


Wax gradually permeates into the leather, giving it an elegant and natural shine. Since it also contains a moderate amount of oil, oil care is not necessary unless you are concerned about scratches or dryness.
Light colors have a delicate surface and are more prone to stains and scratches, so care should be taken when handling them.


シビラ Greige
Misty Greige
シビラ Ash
Misty Ash
シビラ Iris
Misty Iris
シビラ Chocolate
Misty Chocolate
シビラ navy
Misty Navy
シビラ Black
Misty Black

Natural markings may be noticeable.