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Bouquet is inspired by a bouquet of colorful flowers. Just like a bouquet of flowers that adds color to your everyday life, it will make your hands look pretty.

Tanning and Manufacturing

Uses white leather (produced in Himeji) that was inspired by Himeji white tanned leather. Because the base is beautiful white, we were able to achieve SYRINX's original pure pastel colors.
It is dyed with dye (aniline) and finished by spraying with pigment.
It is resistant to scratches and stains, repels water, and hardly ages, so you can maintain its original appearance for a long time.


The leather is resistant to scratches, dirt, and water, but if it gets wet, wipe it off immediately and periodically remove dust from the surface with a soft cloth.


bouquet Lilac Pink
Lilac Pink
bouquet Blue Star
Blue Star
bouquet mint
bouquet mimoza
bouquet soil