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Article: SYRINX Drawing Contest 2022 "Perspective Drawing Challenge" results announced


SYRINX Drawing Contest 2022 "Perspective Drawing Challenge" results announced

Thank you to the many entries to the SYRINX Drawing Contest 2022 "Perspective Drawing Challenge," which was held to celebrate the achievement of the crowdfunding goal for Hasamu A4 -Liscio-.

As a result of rigorous judging, we are pleased to announce the winners of the contest.
We are sorry to announce that there were no winners for the Excellence Award.

Grand Prize
Prize: Hitoe Fold Aria + Hasamu A4

SYRINX Drawing Contest 2022

Meeting Perspective
Mr. Yokota
Selection Comments

This work was highly evaluated for its regular use of the 2Point Perspective in meetings with residential design clients.
She commented, "Thanks to the grid, I can draw the perspective in front of the client. We can see him drawing the space live and quickly, adding explanations, just like at a sushi or teppanyaki restaurant.
We are pleased to select this entry for the Grand Prize because of its excellent drawing ability to compose the interior perspective spread across the entire surface of the paper freehand without using a ruler. Congratulations!

ドローイング中の様子 Drawing on his Hasamu A4 (courtesy of Mr. Yokota)

Crowdfunding is underway!

The Hasamu A4 -Liscio-, which can also transform A4 copy paper into a prestigious presentation tool, is currently being crowdfunded
until August 15, 2022 at 23:59

The original free templates used for the contest are available at

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