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Article: Awarded Omotenashi Selection for 6 consecutive years


Awarded Omotenashi Selection for 6 consecutive years

Thank you for your continued support.

We are pleased to announce that " Hitoe® Fold Less" has received the "Omotenashi Selection 2022" award.

This award marks the sixth consecutive year and the seventh award we have received.

2017 Log - more trees LEATHER Speaker
2017 Tsutsumu Card Case
2018 Tsutsumu A3
2019 Hitoe L-zip S Hitoe L-zip L
2020 Hitoe
Fold2021 Hitoe Fold Aria

Hitoe® Fold Less is the thinnest wallet in the Hitoe series by limiting the number of cards to three.
For those who can limit the number of cards they carry to three, it will be the best partner that can't be replaced by anything else.

We will continue to work hard on this product, and we hope you will support us.

Hitoe Fold Less

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