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Article: New leather "Etretat


New leather "Etretat


In Search of the Best Leather in France

BARR is located 35 kilometers south of Strasbourg in the Alsace region of France, surrounded by vineyards. It is in this small town that Tannerie Degermann is located.
We chose to work with Degermann for our new leather production because they are the oldest and best tannery in France. We chose to work with Degermann because they are the oldest and best tannery in France and have a deep commitment to tradition and quality. From Gustave, the founder of DeGarman, to Nicolas, the last, their passion, values, and techniques have been passed down from generation to generation.
The new leather they have created especially for SYRINX is more than just a material, it has a special value.

Tannerie Degermann

The beautiful coast of Etretat

Etretat, in Normandy, France, is a beach of white limestone cliffs. The beautiful coastline, with its gentle light and calm, poetic scenery, has attracted Impressionist artists such as Monet.
Inspired by this symphony of nature, we have created a beautiful, deep, and fascinating color variation of calf leather.


Visit to Degarmant, France

In the fall of 2022, we visited DeGarman in France to review samples and discuss the project.
We visited Degarmin in France in the fall of 2022 to check samples and to discuss the direction of the new leather, as it was important to meet face to face and communicate directly with them in order to share our strong commitment to color and to clarify the direction of the new leather. During our visit, we were deeply impressed by the meticulous production process, the handiwork of skilled craftsmen, and the historic factory and its rich environment.
It took us another year to realize our obsession, and in the fall of 2023,Etruta was completed.


Etretat, the crystallization of De Geyermann's history

Degermain, the oldest tannery in France, chose to merge with its neighbor Haas (also founded in the 19th century) due to the changing times.
With the production of our leather as the last, the historic Degermann factory will be closed and its president, Nicolas, will leave the company.
DeGyermann and Nicolas' last work, Etruta, is the culmination of their history and technology.
We are honored that our leathers will mark the culmination of their long history.
The passion, skill, and production of etorta by De Geyermann will be inherited by Haas, which will now embark on a new journey to even greater heights.


We will announce the products using this leather at a later date. Please wait for a while.
All colors are different from those of the Hasamu® A4 Etretat currently on sale.

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