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Article: Hitoe® Fold Aria Wins "K-DESIGN AWARD 2021"


Hitoe® Fold Aria Wins "K-DESIGN AWARD 2021"

Hitoe® Fold Aria " won the "K-DESIGN AWARD 2021," a Korean design award.
This year, 3,087 entries from 21 countries
There were 3,087 entries from 21 countries. The award-winning works were selected by a jury of 29 judges from 8 countries.

The K-DESIGN AWARD is an international design competition organized by the Korean design portal "DESIGNSORI," with "actual market value" as its core concept, and is considered one of the three major design awards in Asia along with the GOLDEN PIN DESIGN AWARD and the DFA Design for Asia Awards. It is one of the three most prestigious design awards in Asia, along with the Golden Pin Design Award and the DFA Design for Asia Awards.

This is the second award for Hitoe® Fold Aria, following the Omotenashi Selection 2021.

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