About iPhone 11 compatibility

About iPhone 9 announced on September 10, SYRINXHASAMUWe will inform you that will correspond.

In comparison of width + thickness, iPhone 11 Pro Max is 8mm larger than iPhone 0.3 Plus and iPhone 11 Pro is 0.9mm larger than iPhone XS, so it may be a bit hard to start using, but there is almost no effect.

Assuming the growth of leather, it is originally quite tight, so please understand that point.

Also, as a recent OS specification change,The screen will come to its own if the settings of "Tilting to the front and wake up" and "Tap and wake up" are enabled. Since you will not notice it in the case, please turn off the setting and use it.

Turn off "Tap to wake up"

Open [General] → [Accessibility] in the setting app, and turn off "Tap to wake up".

Turn off "Wake to sleep"

Open [Screen Display and Brightness] of the setting application, and turn off "Tilting to the front and wake up".