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Article: Won six "IDA Design Awards".


Won six "IDA Design Awards".

Hitoe® Fold Aria " won Bronze in the Fashion category at the IDA Design Awards 2021.

The IDA Design Awards are international design awards established in Los Angeles in 2007 to discover and recognize outstanding design visionaries in a wide range of fields. Comprised of five categories including architecture, interior design, product design, fashion, and graphics, each year's awards bring together the finest entries from the world's most talented designers.

This is the sixth award Hitoe® Fold Aria has received, following " NY Product Design Awards", " MUSE Design Awards 2021", "European Product Design Awards 2021", "Omotenashi Selection 2021", "K-DESIGN AWARD 2021.

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Hitoe® Fold Less 紹介メディアのご案内

Hitoe® Fold Less in the media

Hitoe® Fold Less has been featured in the following media outlets. (Updates will follow)

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