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Article: Hitoe® Fold Less, the wallet for the age of less


Hitoe® Fold Less, the wallet for the age of less

To the thinness of the unexperienced

The means of payment is changing dramatically with the Corona disaster. Along with cashless, touchless is becoming popular, and cardless is rapidly progressing. However, it will still be a long time before cash and cards are completely eliminated.

We propose a new ideal wallet for such a new normal.
The " Hitoe® Fold Less" wallet for the "card-less era".

A new history of wallets begins here.

The schedule for sales has not yet been finalized. If you would like to receive the latest information, please sign up for the newsletter on the official website.
If you have pre-ordered Aria by 11/16 and wish to change your order to Less, we will cancel your order without any administrative fee. Please contact us using the inquiry form with "I plan to change to Less".


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Post service is now available.

We now support post delivery. However, it is not possible to select     〜Post delivery service (440 yen): 11,000 yen to 21,999 yen Courier service (880 yen): 22,000 yen to Home delivery service (fr...

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モノ・マガジン 12.16号で紹介いただきました

Introduced in the 12.16 issue of Mono Magazine

The new Hitoe L-zip L and Musubu Key Case were introduced in the 12.16 issue of Mono Magazine (p. 107), on sale today.

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